Christmas in India

Christmas in India

India is known for its festivals and colors all over the world. The festivals here in India are spent with much zeal and enthusiasm. In India, not just Hindus, but people from many other religions reside and celebrate their festivals with fervor.

This makes India a more colorful country with people from all types of religions celebrating their festivals. Like other festivals, Christmas in India is also a huge event which is celebrated with great preparations. Although the Christian community forms the minority of the Indian population, Christmas in India is celebrated with great excitement.

Starting from Christmas Eve to all the celebrations, India has a lot to offer. The Christian community enjoy Christmas Eve as they like to. The Midnight mass is offered on the Christmas Eve just like many other countries of the world. The importance of the Midnight mass cannot be denied for the Christian community. After the Midnight mass, the Indian Christians enjoy the Christmas Eve by meeting and greeting each other. Exchange of gifts usually takes place on Christmas Eve too. This forms a major part of the celebrations of Christmas in India.

On the day of Christmas in India, churches are decorated with flowers and lights. The Christians go for their prayers and offer the service. Gift shops are decorated with Christmas ornaments and one enjoys the Christmas decorations thoroughly. The people from other religions also take part in the Christmas festivities being celebrated in India.  Christmas carols can be heard while passing through churches on the day of Christmas in India.

The tradition of Santa Claus coming to give gifts to the well mannered children is also present in India. The Christian children have complete faith in the Santa coming to their houses. The malls are decorated with Christmas trees on the day of Christmas in India. A man dresses up in the clothes of Santa Claus is usually seen in malls who is busy in giving sweets to the passersby, usually children. Special discounts are also available for Christmas in India which makes it a day of much greater excitement.

Everybody loves to participate in the Christmas festivities celebrated in India. Even the people from other religions host Christmas parties for their Christian friends and cocktails are also observed to celebrate the Christmas in India with a great deal of fun. The streets are decorated with Christmas lights to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. People enjoy Christmas in India to the fullest. Many restaurants offer special turkey for dinner in their menu which makes the Christmas in India an even more traditional and colorful event.

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