Happy Holi

Happy Holi

HoliA hindu festival, Holi, also known as Holaka or even Phagwa is celebrated once in a year at the daytime after when it is the full moon of the Hindu month of phalguna. The festival of Holi is intended to be celebrated in joy of the upcoming of the spring season, merrymaking and enjoying the most despite all the worries of the society. This festival of Holi requires an individual to take a break from the worldly chores and let yourself in the festival activity in the beginning of the month of March.

The festival of colorful Holi is less of a religions festival and more of a public party. The Hindu festival of Holi is enjoyed by all when there is bonfire, food, spraying of colors on family and friends with water and powder. Not just the formal party is required on this festival; Holi can be played by boys in streets too. The purpose is just to make every soul colorful with the joy of the world.

Besides the colorful spraying of powder on the festival of Holi, this festival is also manifested by the exciting processions by the young. There are plenty of folk songs which are playing on the festival while plating Holi with the fellow friends. Dances are a norm on the Holi festival with symbolic representations of the mythology and history behind the festival. Not just this, the history behind the festival of Holi is also connected with the belief of the immortal affection towards the Krishna and Radha.

These days, the festival of Holi is just seen as a justification for the hindus to get rid of their differences in castes even if just for a day and let everyone enjoy the first day of spring. On the day of Holi, youngsters spend the entire day being holligans in the streets, misbehave with adults, some help around the adults to carry out the festival of holi and the rest just spend the entire day throwing colors on fellow folks.

Despite the grand celebration of Holi in whole of India, the zest of this festival is concentrated in the Mathura, nandgaon, Vrindavan and Barsnar. These places are known to once use as a house by the Lord Krishna and the people celebrate the festival of Holi with extreme joy and passion.

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