Happy Independence Day India

Happy Independence Day India

Happy Independence Day IndiaThe day of 15th August  is the memorable one for every Indians on earth, as it is the time when Indian gained independence from the hold of the mighty British.

August 15 marks the Independence Day of India, when the otherwise suppressed tri-colored flag was given its due respect. Being the Independence Day,it is celebrated all over the country in a mood of pleasure and joy.

While the whole nation celebrates the Independence Day according to the celebrations of their particular culture, many cultural programs and flag-hoisting ceremonies are the predominant affair of August 15. Besides celebrating Independence Day with great zeal and happiness, the people of India indulge themselves in remembering the heroes of the freedom struggle and pay homage to them on August 15 for their memorable efforts.

On August 15, national holiday is announced all over the India with educational institutions, private and government organizations remaining closed. Many schools and colleges celebrate August 15 with different cultural programs and activities, drills, flags hoisting and distribution of flags and sweets.

On the Independence Day, the cities of India are on a burst of saffron, green and white colors, which are the symbol of Indian tri-colored flag. Not only the private and Government organizations celebrate August 15 with great preparations and activities, but media also plays an important role to make the Independence Day more meaningful. To pump up the true spirit of Independence Day, media goes from town to town to arrange variety of contests, promotions and programmes related to Indian Independence Day. To make the Independence Day more interesting and patriotic for the Indians, many television channels also show patriotic movies on August 15 and also play patriotic songs from old and new Hindi movies.

Official celebrations of Independence Day are also carried out in the Government sectors. In the morning of August 15, the Prime Minister sets the mood of celebration by hoisting the national flag and addressing the nation from the Red Fort, the historical monument in Delhi. The address of Independence Day is followed by a march-past of the armed and police forces to salute the sacrifices of Indian leaders. To build up the true spirit of Independence Day among the Indian nation, the Prime Minister’s address and the march-past are relayed live on national television.

While the organizations and academic institutions celebrate the Independence Day of India in their own patriotic style, many families arrange a nice get-together for their family and friends on August 15. People go out for lunch or dinner with their families or for an outing on August 15. On the other hand, housing colonies, cultural centers, clubs and societies also hold many entertainment programs and competitions on Independence Day which are usually based on the freedom theme.

In the end, it can be said that Independence Day in India is an important occasion much awaited by people in India, every year.

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