New Year 2013 Celebrations in India

New Year 2013 Celebrations in India

New Year 2013 WallpaperThe smell of the New Year 2013 festivities are in the air and everyone is preparing to celebrate the New Year 2013 with joy and fun.

Everywhere in the world, people celebrate their new year in their own style and tradition. Same goes for the festivity and celebrations of New Year in India. People come together and celebrate the New Year’s Day in India with their families, friends and loved. It is party time for everyone. It will be the same for New Year 2013 just like the previous New Year’s Day celebration. Do you want to know how India celebrates New Year? Then read on to know about the festivities of New Year’s Day in India.

Celebrations of New Year’s Day in India:

Just like any other country in the world, the New Year’s Day celebrations in India bring much joy and happiness among the people. Even the tourists who are there to enjoy their vacation exploring the cultures and colors of India enjoy themselves with the locals while celebrating New Year’s Day in India just like they do back in their home countries.

New Year’s Day is a public holiday all over the world however New Year’s Day in India is a restricted holiday. Despite being a restricted holiday people try to make the most of their free time in festivities of the brand new year.


Just like any other part of the world, people exchange New Year’s greeting at the start of New Year’s Day India. Cards, chocolates, cakes, sweets and gifts are exchanged.


New Year’s Day in India is all about parties for the people who want to go out and have some fun with their family and friends. Night clubs, games, food, music; you will find all the colors of life on the New Year’s Day in India. Many special events are organized to greet the New Year. Most of them start when the exactly at midnight and the celebrations start off with a boom with colorful fireworks. You can watch the fireworks in almost all the major cities of India including their best vacations and resorts.

Music & Entertainment:

Music has always been a part of the New Year’s celebration so the same goes for New Year 2013. Many even companies and TV channels organize special concerts and music events where many known artist perform and greet the New Year with their fans. People either take part in the celebration at the venue or just sit back relax and enjoy these events on their TV screens.

Not only music TV channels also air specially made shows for the New years’ day in India for those people who like to celebrate their new year’s day just watching the TV shows.

Movie theaters are jammed packed on New Year’s Day in India while many people also head towards resorts to celebrate the New Year and we can expect the same on New Year 2013.

New year 2013 for India will be special as the long awaited cricket series between the arch rival Pakistan is finally here. As any sporting event between these arch rivals are always a thriller we can expect the same for this.


Many countries follow different customs and traditions all over the world when it comes to food on New Year but on New Year’s Day in India you get to enjoy different varieties of delicious foods. Many restaurants and hotels prepare some special food for New Year and New Year’s Day in India. From spicy to sweet, you will find many different tasty treats and be sure to try the New Year special cakes on New Year’s Day in India. They not only look good but taste good as well.

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