Weekly Forecast: 11th November to 16th November 2014

Weekly Forecast: 11th November to 16th November 2014


This week has the potential to propel you to new heights on your career front, even though all stars are not in your favour. Sometimes even a little bit of luck from the cosmos or, on the material level, even the support of one single well-wisher is enough to help you wade through seemingly impossible difficulties. Your own courage shall come to the fore, and you shall deal with life like a dare-devil.

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At the subliminal level, there may be a fear of falling from grace or losing face – but Ganesha says that sometimes it is your very fears that push you to perform beyond limits. Your professional or business activities shall keep you preoccupied, but the time and energy you are investing in them is worth it. In short, you need to maintain an optimistic outlook throughout the week.


It is a sign of your lack of self-confidence, that you shall this week not only depend on others to complete your tasks, but shall be excessively concerned with what they think of you. In other words Ganesha says, you may be preoccupied with your personal image. This week you may be discussing myriad subjects with people around you, but you shall not pay too much attention to details. Ensure that others do not start considering you as a pseudo-intellectual. During this week, your public relations skills are likely to improve a lot. In fact, to maintain cordial relations with others you shall not have to try too hard, as it shall automatically happen. Your job may not give you too much satisfaction, but as long as it doesn’t make you slog too much, you shall not think of changing.


Ganesha foretells that this week shall be crammed with activity. You may have to work hard round the clock, without much scope for relaxation. This is very likely to cause physical as well as mental fatigue. However, the results of your hard work shall be very encouraging too. In business, you may have to deal with employment, timely delivery of products and quality related matters. You shall try to provide your clients the best products and services that you possibly can. This week is slightly tricky from the health point of view, due to presence of many planets in Scorpio and Mars in Capricorn. Hence, you should not ignore minor signals of illness and must get a full body check-up done. This is really a good time for students to attend competitive exams, says Ganesha.


Ganesha foresees that your heart shall dominate your mind in the initial stages of this week. You shall be very sentimental at the beginning of this week. You could flare up at trivial things and you may also find it very difficult to control your impulsive reactions. However, as the week progresses you shall get back to your normal cool composure. A financial boost is envisaged – lucky you! Ganesha however feels that expenses are foreseen in the areas of education and entertainment, as well as for upbringing a child. This week you shall have to face some stressful situations on the marital front. However, if you are unmarried and in love, you might find yourself serenading your lover. Ganesha feels that this is a very good time to communicate your feelings to someone through an appropriate medium.


Both professional and domestic matters shall keep you preoccupied this week, predicts Ganesha. Luckily, it looks like things shall be pretty smooth on both fronts. While you don’t like to indulge too much in counselling at home or office, this week you may feel like edifying the people around you with your words of wisdom. Your intention would be to see to it that things don’t go off on a tangent on either front. This is a very good time to think about studying further or completing your incomplete education – by continuing it. This week is going to take you closer to some of your aspirations, and also closer to your beloved one or life partner, says Ganesha. This week is also going to be great for those working in administrative departments of any organisation, in any sector.


Ganesha foretells that usually you are quite focussed on your aspirations, as well as on your necessities. However, this week connections in your outer circle shall become more important and you shall not be focussing on your home or near and dear ones, but on helping others.

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Your approach towards everything and everyone shall be humanitarian, and you shall be more bothered about the well-being of others. In fact, Ganesha advises you to focus more on helping those people who have helped you in the past. Moreover, this week the circumstances are conducive for business and related matters. However, professionals may feel very restricted in their work environment and demands from superiors are also likely to increase. By and large, this week is going to keep you busy with various activities almost non-stop, feels Ganesha.


You shall be in a totally different zone this week, foretells Ganesha. Generally you are balanced and composed. However, this week you are going to experience mood swings. You shall be busy with many activities related to family, finances, business and related matters. You may take longer than required to settle things, but things will start normalising after Thursday, ensures Ganesha. Those suffering from blood pressure shall have to maintain their cool, or else health may go for a toss. This week is very favourable for commercial activities. If you are talented enough to earn money through more than one source, the planetary positions of this week can help you to mint money. Romantic life shall not be very active, but you may experience some fleeting moments of pleasure with a member of the opposite sex.


The transit of four planets through your Sign, suggesting a chain of circumstances – this week shall demand flexibility, foretells Ganesha. You may have to adjust to a lot of difficult situations. Everything around you shall be progressing smoothly, but some petty things may prick you. This week you shall realise that the world doesn’t function as per our wishes. This week you shall yourself have to shed some stupid inhibitions, and drill it into your mind that – when in Rome you better behave like the Romans do. The fact that under the circumstances, you shall feel contented by saying something. You shall be able to achieve satisfactory social and professional success. Ganesha advises you to look at the partly filled glass as half-full, instead of as half-empty. You are likely to become health conscious during this week.


You shall tend to drift off into moods of deep introspection this week, predicts Ganesha. You shall reflect on your past, and if you happen to identify any mistakes that you may have committed, this is the best chance to rectify them. You shall have to work a little harder to clear misunderstandings at the workplace or to clear doubts at home.  You shall surely have to struggle against all odds. You may also feel that your life wasn’t always so confused, so why now? Well, this is just a passing phase and it is not going to last for long, so you need not worry. This week you shall probably lag behind in your personal or professional targets. Romance is in the air, hence Ganesha advises you not to miss any opportunity to be more friendly with your beloved.


Have you ever thought of arranging a reunion of your classmates or college buddies? If not, Ganesha says this is the right time to take the initiative and arrange it. However online conferencing, if you are thinking of it as an alternative, does not really work the same way. It is difficult to feel the warmth of nostalgia in the cold world of virtual reality. The week is good to arrange business meets, seminars as well as functions. You shall plant many ideas, but wait patiently for them to come to fruition. Mixing socialising and work is not a bad idea. Professionals shall nurture hopes of making progress in their careers, but that shall take some time, so be patient. New projects are beckoning, hence you should brace yourself up for some really hard work.


Ganesha feels that this week you shall focus on your personal and professional fronts, but somehow the former shall overshadow the latter. You shall have many social activities lined up, but you are going to miss half of them for sure, for lack of time.

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Ganesha feels that this week you shall be in demand and you cannot afford to ignore professional calls. You shall be loaded with responsibilities and you shall try your best to handle them all. You are likely to slog hard and not depend on anyone as you wish to shape your destiny yourself. On Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday, something unexpected may happen. Towards the end of the week, a chance encounter with a person of the opposite sex could lead up to a friendship or you could possibly start dating as well. If your wavelength matches, age shall not be a constraint.


Ganesha advises you to maintain a positive mood this week, and not to miss the social and professional opportunities that are sure to come your way. If you are invited to a party, dress up to kill. Further, if you get a more lucrative job, leave the current one and grab the promising offer, which could take your career to greater heights. This week, joy and work shall go hand in hand. Work shall keep you busy in the daytime, and socialising in the evenings shall give you joy. You shall be glad to socialise, but Ganesha advises you to do your work with the same amount of enthusiasm. This week you shall plan your routine judiciously, which shall contribute heavily to your efficiency and productivity. Ganesha feels that during this week you shall be guided by your emotions more than your intellect.

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