Weekly Forecast: 16th August to 22nd August 2015

Weekly Forecast: 16th August to 22nd August 2015

Aries : Jupiter posited in the sixth House will help on two major fronts. It aspects the 10th House from your Sign, related to career/occupation, and the 2nd House from your Sign, related mainly with family and finance. However, the Signs in both the Houses are not congenial for Jupiter, so you may havaae mixed experiences. However, the positive influence of Jupiter seems good to consolidate and secure your position in your career. Hindrance in matters related to finances, is due to aspect of retrograde Saturn over the 2nd House and ruler of the House, Venus, in retrograde mode, says Ganesha. This will also dilute the positive influence of Jupiter, which aspects the 12th House from your Sign related to expenses. This may prompt you to spend money on some religious ceremony or charity. With the planet facilitating romance, Venus, in retrograde mode, you may be disappointed if you are looking for love. On Sunday, Sun leaves its own Sign Leo, to enter a dual matured earthly Sign, Virgo.

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Taurus : Moon is posited in Virgo, along with the ruler of the Sign, Mercury and Jupiter at the beginning of the week. With Moon in conjunction with benefices, you are likely to feel at ease. You may feel like organizing things and setting priorities. However, around Tuesday and Wednesday, you are likely to be confused and unsure of which path to pursue, says Ganesha. In job, you are likely to be stressed with heavy workload. You may be entrusted with some complicated task. With Moon coming in contact with Saturn, even routine work may seem difficult, affecting your efficiency. You may need to put in more working hours to meet deadlines. Businessmen may have to make repeated presentations to win worthy clients. Freshers searching for suitable employment may be disappointed with no response coming from prospective employers. On the financial front, you will be comfortable, and may even save some money. On Sunday, Sun changes Sign to enter Virgo.

Gemini : You may be keen to decorate and give a new look to your living room this week. The fact that Jupiter and Mercury are in conjunction is likely to improve your efficiency. Your superiors will appreciate your performance, while co-workers may be a bit hesitant to do the same. Anyway, the heavy workload is likely to make you feel fatigued. Businessmen will feel happy with the favorable results pouring in from efforts put in earlier, says Ganesha. However, your financial position may not improve much, and hence saving money may seem difficult. You may incur expenses on account of some social event. With your immune system being strong, you may not experience any adverse effect on your health due to the change in season. You are likely to enjoy good health throughout the week. However, with Saturn posited in the 6th House, remain watchful about any old health issue. More so for those of you suffering from arthritis. On Sunday, Sun enters a dual matured earthly Sign Virgo.  

Cancer : You are likely to be busy socializing and partying this week. During such sessions you will be on the lookout for some inputs that can help you make faster progress. A meaningful relationship is likely to take shape, which may help in advancing your interests. In the long run, too, this relationship may benefit you monetarily, foretells Ganesha. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, you may take out time to improve the exterior looks of your House, besides making some changes in the interiors as well. With Saturn in direct mode, family life will be hunky dory. You are likely to enjoy some quality time with your spouse. At the workplace, you are likely to be uncomfortable for some reason. Your boss is likely to criticise your inconsistent performance. At times you may feel like rebelling and look for other options. Barring old health issue, you are likely to enjoy good general health. There is a possibility of a physical injury. On Sunday, Sun enters the sincere and dependable Virgo.

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Leo : You are likely to think about ways to increase your earnings this week, foresees Ganesha. Good thing is that two major planets, Mercury and Jupiter, concerned with money matters are favorably placed to further your cause. However, do not indulge in speculative activities. Look for a safe investment avenue to boost your earnings. Be careful while traveling around Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are using public transport, take care of your luggage. You may need to attend to pressing domestic matters, such as repairs and renovations, especially on Thursday and Friday. Professionals are in for progressive times from now on. You may be entrusted with some prestigious task. Successful completion of the task is likely to be appreciated by the higher-ups. You may be given additional responsibility as a test of your level of adaptability and compatibility. Around Sunday, Sun leaves its own Sign Leo to enter Virgo.

Virgo : If you are not comfortable with your present job, this is a good time to look around for a suitable change, says Ganesha. However, review all aspects carefully and deliberate the pros and cons well before taking the plunge. You may be concerned about matters related to personal life this week. With Jupiter influencing the 7th House, your spouse is likely to be co-operative. Marital life is likely to be pleasant and enjoyable. Businessmen are likely to have cause to cheer, owing to the noticeable increase in daily turnover. However, do not extend unsecured credit to a new customer, or else you may lose some part of the amount. Professionals are likely to be a happy lot this week and for the near future as well. Your overall efficiency is likely to improve. Freshers have a good chance of landing a suitable job. Position and remuneration offered are likely to satisfy you.

Libra : In the beginning of this week, around Monday and Tuesday, you are likely to be busy with some social or religious functions, predicts Ganesha. You may donate money for a social cause. Professionals are likely to start feeling comfortable at office. You may be much enthused with growth prospects looking bright. This is likely to motivate you to improve your performance. The positive influence of Jupiter over the 6th House is likely to give you a sense of security. Freshers are likely to be satisfied on getting the coveted job. With Saturn placed in the 2nd House, related to finance, make long-term monetary plans with sufficient emergency fund. Returns from investments made earlier are likely to cheer you up. Jupiter aspects the 6th House from your Sign, which relates to ailments and diseases. You will find the right long-term medication for old niggling health problems. On Sunday, Sun leaves its own Sign Leo to enter Virgo, in the 12th House from your Sign.

Scorpio : The ruler of your Sign is now posited in the 10th House from your Sign and joins Sun and retrograde Venus posited therein. Saturn posited in your Sign and Mars posited in the 10th House aspect each other. Mars is stronger than Saturn, due to its being posited in a friendly fiery Sign and in conjunction with the ruler of the Sign. All these positions indicate that you are now likely to be better placed to overcome hurdles imposed by Saturn. You are now likely to be determined to fight back (natural for a Scorpio) to march ahead and achieve your planned goal. Businessmen dealing with government or semi-government organisations stand to gain. You may be able to clinch some long-term contract this week. In turn this is likely to help stabilize and strengthen your financial position. Mars also seems favorable for those in employment. Sun leaves its own Sign Leo to enter Virgo. Sun then joins Mercury and Jupiter posited in the 11th House from your Sign.

Sagittarius : This week you are likely to be focused on career-related matters, feels Ganesha. The week is auspicious for businessmen to expand operations. However, if you are in the manufacturing line, you may not make much headway, but you may go ahead with overhauling your machinery. Professionals handling offshore projects need to be careful while finalizing deals. Read the contract terms carefully before Signing. Some of you may feel uneasy, but your position will be stable. With the 12th House from your Sign afflicted by Saturn and Mars, unexpected expenses may upset your savings plan. As such, with Saturn posited in the 12th House, plan you finances with a long-term perspective. Malefic influence of Saturn over the 9th House along with Sun and Mars posited therein, is likely to place hurdles in your path and you may not be able to perform as planned. On Sunday, Sun leaves its own Sign Leo to enter Virgo. Sun then joins Jupiter and Mercury posited in the 10th House from your Sign.

Capricorn : The of the New Moon last week is now likely to induce you to think afresh about your work strategy. Progressive forces are at work this week, feels Ganesha. The time is good for businessmen to try to increase market share. Over the weekend, you may miss some good earning opportunity, because of your casual approach. Professionals may continue to be pressurized by superiors to work faster. With aggressive Mars and Saturn having a square aspect over each other, your immune system may get affected. Seasonal changes may affect your health. Aspect of Mars over Saturn may lead to old health issues cropping up again. Your digestive system is likely to get disturbed, so take care of your diet. There is also a possibility of getting injured. On Sunday, Sun comes out of its own Sign Leo and enters Virgo. Sun then joins Mercury and Jupiter posited in the 9th House from your Sign.

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Aquarius : With Jupiter posited in the 8th House from your Sign, refrain from incurring debts to finance your ambitious project. Ganesha warns you that if you take a loan you may not be able to repay it on schedule. So what you need is a financially strong partner to join you. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, you may be a bit confused about the direction to take to make the desired progress. From Thursday, you may decide to go solo for the time being. You shall work harder to improve your performance to achieve desired results. You may be tempted to cut corners to boost your earnings. Ganesha cautions you against indulging in such tactics. Instead, try to explore new territories to market your products. The week is good for exploring offshore options. On Sunday, Sun comes out of its own Sign Leo and enters Virgo. Now, Sun joins Mercury and Jupiter, posited in the 8th House from your Sign.  

Pisces : Ganesha foretells that this week you will be very anxious about the disharmony prevailing in your domestic life. The indifferent attitude of your spouse may hurt you emotionally. Because of this you may not be able to focus on your routine activities. You are likely to be confused on Tuesday and Wednesday about how to maintain peace and harmony in marital life. You may need to be more accommodation and give enough space to your spouse to make her/him feel secure in your relationship. Try to spend some quality time with your spouse to strengthen the bond. Mars inspecting your Sign is likely to increase your self-esteem, which could make you adamant. These planetary configurations suggest that your efforts to maintain peace and harmony in marital life are unlikely to work effectively. On Sunday, Sun enters Virgo to join Jupiter and Mercury posited therein.

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