Weekly Astrology: 21 February to 28 February 2016

Weekly Astrology: 21 February to 28 February 2016


Life is a mixed message for you right now because you are in limbo. Your personal year is ending and you are waiting for your new year to begin; and this time of waiting is not easy for the Aries warrior who likes action! In fact, it can be maddening! Fortunately, friendships with younger people and artistic, creative types are rewarding. You don’t even mind the disputes about shared property, taxes, debt and such. The upside being that this same influence pumps your sex drive. (Yay!) And yes, job opportunities continue to be great and will continue — so grab this chance while you have it. This blessing will not return again until 2027.


This is a lovely, popular time for you! Even your interactions with bosses and VIPs are full of bright, warm moments. They think you’re clever! Some of you might begin a friendship or a romance with your boss or someone in a position of authority. Quite likely, someone will seek out your advice or recommendations about how to make something look more attractive. (Design, layout, arrangements.) It’s wonderful to enjoy these warm relations with others because admittedly, partnerships and close friendships are tough right now. You know it; they know it. The thing to remember is that this testing time is temporary. Nothing lasts forever.


The Sun continues to be high in your chart making you look so good in the eyes of others, especially bosses, parents and VIPs. This is a once-a-year phenomenon, so make the most of it. Go after what you want. Make your pitch. You will be surprised at how the doors will open for you. Oh yes! Meanwhile, travel for pleasure, study plus opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine and the law will reward you. And why not? Goodness knows you are busting your buns right now working hard, as well as directing the efforts of others. Fortunately, benefits from home, family and real estate continue to bless you.


As a rule, your sign likes to travel for a reason. You’re not the restless drifter that Sagittarius is. Nevertheless, many of you seem to have reason to travel now because travel opportunities abound. Likewise, others will explore their world through learning or capitalizing on opportunities in medicine and the law. The advantage of travel right now is that you’re in such a playful mood! You want to have fun! You want to explore sports, the arts, musical performances and playful times with children. And fortunately, because you will benefit from the gifts and resources of others – you can afford to do so. (Where there’s a will, you want to be in it.)


This intense month continues. In fact, this is one of the most intense months of the year for you. Nothing is casual. Fortunately, relations with partners and close friends are convivial and warm. This week, you might be introduced to someone who is new and different or original in some way. This person will likely stimulate you and make you feel younger. Of course, your ability to earn money now pleases you and offsets some of the tension and challenges taking place on the home front. Continue to focus on ways to boost your income because they exist; and you can use (and should use) this opportunity while you have it. Be patient with the challenges at home because they will continue for a month. And so it goes.


Once again, here is a reminder that you need more sleep. This is the only time of the year when this happens; and believe me – you feel it. Acknowledge your need for more rest by taking cat naps, getting to bed earlier or rising later. Paradoxically, your mental energy is bright! Your ability to converse and communicate is excellent and energetic! (Go figure.) This week something new and fresh will surprise you at work. It could relate to a clever idea that you have or perhaps, the introduction of new technology or someone’s suggestion about a better way of doing something. Things continue to go in your favour with lucky Jupiter in your sign. You are blessed!


This is a hard-working time for Librans, which is why you’re setting such high standards for yourself. You want productivity, effectiveness and results! You are also creative this week, in fact, innovative and experimental. Trust these impulses. If a romance with someone younger begins, this will surprise you as well, but it will invigorate you. (Ya think?) Sudden opportunities for a vacation or a chance to move ahead in the arts, the entertainment world or the hospitality industry will help you this week. Believe in your future! Lucky Jupiter will enter your sign in September for the first time since 2005. (So much to look forward to!)


This continues to be a playful, fun-loving time for you. The best in months. Grab every opportunity for a vacation or a chance to enjoy sports, the music world, the theatre, hotels and theme parks. With fiery Mars in your sign now, you have strong energy to play and work. Your thoughts are also turning to romance. (If you went through Valentines without a sweetheart, you are aware of this.) Surprise changes on the home front, perhaps with unexpected news or something that impacts a younger family member, will occur this week. Sudden repairs might be needed as well. Meanwhile, pleasure, romance, sports and fun are tops on your menu.


Your focus on home, family and your private life continues. This also means that you need some down time to contemplate your future. With Jupiter at the top of your chart, boosting your reputation in the eyes of others, you have to know how to harness this good fortune in the best way possible. After all, you can’t waste it or let it just slip by. This opportunity comes only once every 12 years and will not return again until 2027. Since everyone see you in such a positive light right now — how can you use this to your advantage? This is a good time to think about this because lots of bright, clever ideas are going to occur to you this week. “Ping!”


Your busy pace continues with an accelerated tempo. Just accept this and go with the flow because you have no choice. You’re full of moneymaking ideas that are original and clever. The trick is – can you act on them? Part of you is excited about taking a chance, but another part (to the left and lower down) never wants to risks your security, especially a steady job. You agree with Oscar Wilde who said, “It’s better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.” Continue to look for travel opportunities because they exist. Likewise, this same planetary influence brings you opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine and the law. Grab ’em!


For many reasons, money is flowing and you’re happy! You have moneymaking ideas, and at the same time, you can reap benefits from the wealth and resources of others. Yippee! (Small wonder that both Mercury and Venus in your sign now make you eager to communicate to others with such charm and diplomacy.) Everyone wants to see your face! People also admire you now because you’re fired up with enthusiasm about your career and your life path. Nothing will hold you back because this year you’re going for baroque. Because the gods are with you now, and you personally are so ambitious, this is an unbeatable combination that can only bring success.


You continue to be favoured with the Sun in your sign. However, at the end of the week, when it lines up with your ruler Neptune, you will feel confused and tired. It’s as if your direction in life is unsure. Fear not because this will pass, (especially if you drink a lot of water). In the bigger scheme of things, this is one of the most powerful times in your life because it’s a time of harvest for you. You see what is working, and you see what is not. Act on this. Cut your losses and go with what works. You are stronger than you think and you have more support than you know. “Trust the Force, Luke.” Don’t hesitate to explore travel plans and opportunities in publishing, the media, medicine and the law.

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