6 Natural Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

6 Natural Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

It was a regular day when your best friend just announced her pregnancy. You are genuinely happy for her, but not quite fully. Because you and your partner have been trying for a couple of years but no luck. Not just that, you have been cautiously leading a healthier and cleaner lifestyle than your friend. And on the other hand, your friend, who was not even trying, easily conceived. 

6 Natural Ways To Increase Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

It is true that some women get pregnant easily while many often find it difficult to conceive. Deciphering the medical bit can be a little tiresome but if we decide to start with following some basic health rules, it is a bright sign. So, if you and your partner feel ready for parenthood and earnestly trying to conceive, here are some natural ways you can follow to increase your chances towards ‘parenthood’. 

1. A Healthy Body For A Healthy Baby

A Healthy Body For A Healthy Baby

Ladies, this is not just for you, but for your husbands as well. The first and the foremost thing one should cautiously consider before trying to conceive, is adopting a healthy lifestyle. Everyone knows that the human body has the strength to tackle most of the serious problems on its own, but only when it is completely fit and away from all erratic habits like smoking, drinking or doing drugs. These habits not just affect your fertility, but also affect your unborn child once you conceive. So, if you genuinely want to experience parenthood, make sure that you lead an alcohol and smoke-free life. Even if you are not a gym person, make sure that you are doing your light excercises. They help to boost your fertility, and also ensure that you have a comfortable pregnancy.

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2. More Room For Proteins, Zinc And Vitamin C

More Room For Proteins, Zinc And Vitamin C

With pregnancy, the smallest of vitamin and mineral deficiency makes a lot of difference and so, one has to be extra watchful while setting course for this new journey. Deficiencies of protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin C have been linked to infertility and miscarriages. So adding these in your diet should be the righteous first step. Also, add fresh fruits, meat, low-fat dairy products, beans, eggs, oysters and nuts. Don’t forget to keep yourself well-hydrated during the day. And if you are tired of having water, opt for lemon water. It is known to be great for fertility.

3. Know Your Ovulation Cycle With The Help Of A Fertility Monitor

Know Your Ovulation Cycle With The Help Of A Fertility Monitor

Thanks to technological advancement, now you can make the most of your ovulation cycle. Just like pregnancy kits, there are several fertility monitors or ovulation kits available in the market that can be used as a reliable method to identify the best time for getting pregnant.

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4. Get Rid Of Excess Fats 

Get Rid Of Excess Fats

Apart from other factors, obesity is also considered to cause hindrance while conceiving. Excess fat leads to overproduction of certain hormones that disrupts your fertility process. If you are overweight, workout to get your Body Mass Index (BMI) back to the appropriate ratio even before you start trying. If need be, consult a physician or a gynaecologist.

5. Soak In Some Sunlight

Soak In Some Sunlight

Not many people know that exposure to sunlight can help to boost fertility in both men and women. According to researches, sunlight is the best natural source of vitamin D; and that helps to increase the levels of healthy hormones in both women and women, which makes conception easier. So, spend some time soaking in the sunlight, preferably during the ‘cool hours’ like early morning or late afternoon.

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6. Never Let Go Of The Passion And Romance

Never Let Go Of The Passion And Romance

Last but not the least, just because you are in a rush to get pregnant, does not mean you have to ‘make out’ like rabbits. Have regular intercourse around 3-4 times a week during your ovulation period. Also, remember to spark passion and romance while you are making love, as this too helps to increase the chances of conceiving. What’s also important is to keep yourself stress-free and relaxed to make your way towards ‘parenthood’ smoothly and quickly.

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