How to Avoid Upper Back Pain

How to Avoid Upper Back Pain

How Avoid Upper Back PainIt has been observed that the limited movement in the thoracic spine and stability of the upper back has made upper back pain pretty less common but complex than lower back pain which is very much common these days.

The main causes of this pain are muscular pain and joint dysfunction, strains, accident and sports injury. It is important to follow few steps in order to avoid upper back pain.

Learn and Practice good Posture

It would be better to learn and practice good and healthy postures whether you’re sitting, standing, or moving. If your work demands you to be seated for a lengthy time, try to take numerous breaks to stretch and spring your back. It would be better if you avoid looking upward, downward, or sideways while looking at documents. It could put a lot of strain on the upper back. Try to hold the document and read in such manners that your eyesare parallel to the document.

Don’t Use Computer more than 5 Hours

Many people complain upper back pain due to excessive use of computer. Make sure that your arms are comfortable while using computer keyboard.It would be better to avoid spreading and raising your arms on the keyboard. It could cause strain in the muscles of the upper back if placed too high.

Protect Your Back while in Bed

Many people feel back-stiffness when they wake up. The actual reason is, mostly bed does not offer your back enough support and you stayed in that position for eight hours while sleeping could cause damage to your back. This is very bad for your health. It is better to change your bed and try to keep changing your position in bed to avoid back muscle strain.

Protect Your Back in Car

It is wise to protect your back while in car. It is a strange fact that even in most confortable car; bad position could cause severe damage to our back. Use two pillows in order to support your back. Place one pillow in the natural curve of your lower back while other in the gap left the seat behind your upper back.  It should be place in such way that it must straighten up your back.

Protecting Your Back While Lifting

It seems impossible to avoid to the entire situation that could cause stress to your back. There is high risk of injury while lifting heavy object. Thegenuine stress on your vertebral is related to the position of your body when you lift the object and understanding how body positioning affects your actions is very essential. You can reduce your chance of a back stress or damage by using good body mechanics.

Stretches for Your Back

All the good exercise treatment must include element of flexibility. It is very important to keep and other tissue around spine is very important to perform correct stretching technique. It is better to stretch the tissue only to the point of mild tension. Hold the stretch without bouncing for minimum ten seconds and then, let the muscle relax itself totally. In order to receive full benefit, it is better to repeat it at least three to five times daily.

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