5 Small Home Design Plans and Ideas for Indian Interior

5 Small Home Design Plans and Ideas for Indian Interior

Home interior design ideas for small homes in India and that too on a tight budget is one of the most common problems we are encountered with. But that doesn’t mean there ain’t any solution. So just relax and take a look at the ideas that am going to share with you all, including beautiful photos of interiors to illustrate you.

Whoa! It’s been more than 3 days that I’ve been working on this topic and now I understand why do people don’t think much and hire an interior Home Design to save their time. Phew…I wanted to cover each and every aspect of budget-designing and in these three days I’ve explored and thought of all practical ideas one can use for his/her mobile home. Though this topic is quite comprehensive and cannot be expressed in mere words, I have tried my best to give some tips and ideas on how to proceed and transform your cute little home to an inspiration for others. You can also click on the links in between the post to explore more ideas that I’ve already shared in my previous posts (you might have  just missed checking it out).

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Small Apartment Living Room & Bedroom

Living Room & Bedroom

WOW! The above image clearly shows the settings that can be done for people who own small space. If you own an apartment with a living room, one bedroom, one kitchen and you are out of space to have a dining area, wait and watch the above image closely….am sure you will get your answer. Hey, what if someone visits your home while you are eating? Will you run off your dining table Well, to create some privacy to your happy “wine and dine”, you must go for room dividers which I’ve discussed below in this post. Okay, now you can finish off your lunch.

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Keep Accessories to A Minimum Yet Exclusive

Minimum Yet Exclusive

Remember the last trip you went on? So, what did you shop for your home? Yeah, I know you forgot it, right….damn, you missed the chance to bring something unique for your home. Like the one over here, a Moroccan lantern. Want to see more designs of Lanterns, see it right here: Maintain The Charm of Your Interior with Sensational Lighting Design I actually don’t believe in having costly stuffs for my home because the one you create yourself is much more exclusive, what say? That’s the reason I always get attracted towards people with creative ideas for diy.

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Space Savers for Storage

Space Savers for Storage

One of the most fundamental and neat way to decorate & design your small room is to use space saver furniture or a multipurpose furniture. For example, the image below shows sofa with a storage drawer below it. It can be used as a sofa as well as storage area to hold your books and magazines or even your shoes.

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A Room Divider

Room Divider

In case you have a spacious living room and small bedrooms like I have, the best way to design it is to use a divider in the middle of the hall/living room, which can separately be used as a small living room, a dining place or a rest area. I divided my living area by using long curtains in between. What’s your idea? If you want to use a wooden wall for partition, or a room divider made with iron then you are on the right track. Also, you can use the stylish beaded curtains for the partition.

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Use Walls for Decoration


Instead of using floors and showcases, you can use walls for decoration purpose which will save your floor area and  make your room look designer & spacious. Decorate your home with top 10 wall designs and make your stark walls look beautiful.

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