How To Decorate A Kitchen Window With Unique Treatments

How To Decorate A Kitchen Window With Unique Treatments

Decorate Kitchen window Unique TreatmentsIndian women spend lots of time in kitchen in fact it is the place where they are mostly found. Monotonous kitchen environment may get you bore and tired.

Windows are the most important part of kitchen; people usually ignore them while decorating their kitchens. A kitchen window has enough potential for decoration. Following are some ideas that teach you how to decorate kitchen window to add little spark of freshness in your kitchen environment.

  • Window Coverings

In the decoration of window, window coverings are important but keep in mind that minimal is in. heavy covering on kitchen windows are out of fashion. You can add little shades on windows they look modern and comfortable with the kitchen environment.

  • Light Is Important

Natural light is essential in kitchen so while choosing something for kitchen make sure that it will not block the natural light. You can use plated shades that are easily available in the market in beautiful colors and designs. Plated shades keep the privacy while allowing plenty of light into the kitchen.

  • Play With Colors

What you are choosing for kitchen whether it is a shade, fabric piece or a decoration pieces its color is important; it must be complementary for the kitchen color scheme. If your kitchen is particularly small, then light cool colors can make it look larger and brighter, while dark and warm colors can make an oversized kitchen more inviting in a particular way.

  • Handel Direct Light

In kitchens direct sunlight is an issue, sunlight makes your kitchen hot and unpleasant to work there. You can mange it by using blinds in your kitchen. A wooden blind looks stylish and filters the sunlight. On wooden blind you can hang small indoor plants, they look very refreshing in kitchens.

  • Architectural Touch

To make it stand out give an architectural touch to your windows. Decorate your kitchen windows with plants that are valuable as well as attractive. Aromatic plants such as lavender, rosemary and sage are not only great to cook with but also bloom in sunny windows, creating a pleasant aroma in your kitchen as well as adding a fresh, green look to the kitchen.

  • Add Shelves Around Kitchen Window

Install small shelves on either side of the window and put display items such as glass bottles with beans, teacups, crystal items or other kitchen collectibles like decoration pots on such shelves. You can use the different seeds to make decorations for these shelves. Put different color seeds and grain in a glass or crystal bottle layer by layer put the stopper on the open end and place it on the shelve it look stylish.

Use these ideas and make your kitchen widows more stylish and modern.

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