The Insider’s Guide to Home & Garden

The Insider’s Guide to Home & Garden

Make your interior and exterior beautiful with unique ideas. Set your home and garden with epic furniture styles and design.

Even animals clean their surroundings before lying down to slumber, we being humans are not only expected to keep clean but also well maintained. Your house is the reflection of your taste, class and imagination.

Home decor

Decorating your home is not a problem anymore with this insider’s guide to home and garden. Now you do not have to go to an interior designer nor an expensive architect, because we are here to guide you through everything regarding your home and garden.  So doesn’t worry about a thing just stick to this and your problems and confusion will be solved.

We will be providing you with simple and easy guidelines to follow that will your house a heaven on earth, by just keeping in account some minor details. Read this and save your precious money, invest it somewhere else instead. It is not about the pricey tags of the material and home accessories that you use in your house, it about their coordination with each other.

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Home – No Rush

It isn’t and obligation for you to fix the whole house or even a corner of the house instantly, try giving it sometime, live with it, because it is you, who would have to live with it for the rest of the years so don’t waste your money and time. Don’t rush into it.

Paint Color


Always go for the shades of white and off-white tones for painting the walls of your house, especially rooms. This color makes the room look bigger and brighter.



Going for expensive furniture will never make your house look classy, even the cheapest of all furniture can work for you perfectly if it goes with the whole theme of the room. Antique furniture is a good option; use it with a little style and it will make people ask you about it again and again.

Ask yourself two main things after selecting the furniture, does it give you happiness? And is it useful for you? The answer to these will decide whether you made the right decision or not.

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Theme of the Room


Theme of the room is important and it does matter but it definitely does not mean that you over theme the room by putting that thing at every inch like you don’t a Spiderman coming out of every corner and every inch of the room come on!  Use your brains. Room is where you get relax not depressed.


Garden should be your main priority as it is the first thing someone looks at when he/she enters the house therefore it should be given special attention.

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Grass Type


Go for the American grass, it is very soft and grows fast. It is easier to maintain and gives a very refreshing look to your garden.



Always grow seasonal flowers in your garden; it is good for health as well as it enhances the overall look of the house and garden. For example: red roses, lilies, tulips etc.



You can add a little fun your garden by adding a flower or rock rockery to your garden. You can dedicate a special corner for it as water flow can also be added into it. With the help of some rocks, flowers and a few lights you can make you garden extremely tempting and a place fun to spend time at.

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If you have a roof garden you can add a pool into it which would not only make it look exquisite but extremely entertaining as well.

Rock Garden


If you think you cannot maintain a garden with grass, you can go for cultivating a rock garden which is very easily maintained and looks amazing as well. You can easily adjust few plants of your choice into it or you can either add in stone of different textures and shapes.

We hope these ideas sparked your imagination as well. Enjoy the guidelines and make your house and life more blissful and peaceful.

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