How to Set up a Guest Room

How to Set up a Guest Room

How set up Guest RoomA warm cozy guest room is a signature of your hospitality on your guests. It would be great if you put little efforts in arranging your guest room for the comforts of your guests.

People spend money and lot of time in decoration of their drawing room, lounges, and living rooms but ignore their guest rooms. Now is the time to have a deep glance on the renovation of your guest room. Following are some tips that would be helpful in regard to rearrange your guest room.

Bed is Key of Comfort

Bed is the most important feature in your guest room, keep in mind your own comfort and critically judge your guest room bed. If the mattress of the bed is old saggy change it with the new one if you afford, you can also go for airy bed that are economical for you and comfortable for your guests.

 Beddings and fresh linens

Instead of plain white beddings and linens you have to switch on the refreshing pattern beddings with variety of colors. Refreshing colors and soothing patterns on beddings add more comforts on the senses of your guest.

 Place to set down luggage

Guest always comes with some sort of luggage. Don’t over stuff your guest room with the decoration materials; always keep a clean corner to place the suitcase and bags. You can put there a rack, bench and corner table to facilitate your guests.

Sofa or chair

Apart from bed it is also important to take care of sitting comfort of your guests, some people don’t like to sit directly on bed. So put some sofa or chair in your guest room. Don’t place the dinning chair in your guest room, in the selection of chair always keep the comfort of your guest in your mind.


It would be nice if you place some drawers in your guest room. But before placing be sure that they are empty, they must be don’t stuffed with unnecessary things. Clean them or empty them before placing.


May be your guest has a habit of reading books; arrange good quality of light in your guest room. You may put a table lamp to facilitate your guest.

Some useful things to place

Have you place an alarm clock on side table? If still not, place an alarm clock, paper pencil, tissue paper box, some napkins, and a set of telephone would provide a great comfort and sense of easement to your guest.

 Give them privacy

Guest room is a place where your guests suppose to take rest, so always select a room in your hose that must be far from your living room or lounge and kitchen. There must be a separate bathroom. Don’t let your kids to go frequent in the guest room it may be irritating for your guest. Entertain your queries regarding the needs and comforts of your guest use telephone it would be more sophisticated and comfortable for your guests.

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