Men’s Grooming – Winter Proof Your Skin

Men’s Grooming – Winter Proof Your Skin

Mens Grooming: Winter-Proof Your SkinIndia has a devastating winters especially when someone is very touchy about his skin related problems. Since India is in temperate zone where winters are usually shorter than summer and people are most accustom to summers and less familiar with the damages of dry weather.

Freezing wind-blow, dry skins and itching environment with dust and pollutants is a serious to the sensitive skins in winters. One should have to be very careful and vigilant in order to save his skin from the cruel impacts of the winters this season. Let us help you to get arm in order to combat the coming dry winter season.

Following some measure are suggested which will allow you to keep your skin fresher, lively and glowing throughout the dry winters:

Change Your Body Lotion:

The first and foremost important thing in stated context is the change of the body lotion. One should know the fact that the body’s demands are not similar for the both summer and winter seasons. Winter is a dry weather and the body lotion must contain some oil content in higher proportion so that the dryness can be reduced to the optimum level. For that matter, avoid using towel or tissues to dry your face after washing it. Let it dry naturally and then gently apply lotion on the skin. This will allow the skin to absorb lotion which will keep the skin soft, less dry and more pleasant.

Change Your Moisturizer:

Normally, people don’t put much attention towards the selection of their Moisturizer. This is not a appreciable approach. One must consult a dermatologist on the start of every season so that the best possible moisturizer or face wash can be recommended that will help you to fight against the evils of dry winter. The moisturizer must contain oil but in certain proportion so that the excessive oil may not bring harm and the skin look fresh and healthier to counter the attacks of the winter.

Consider a Self Tanner:

It is false perception that a bronzer is for girls only. One should keep in mind that all the medicine and cosmetics are for the protection of skin without discrimination of gender. There are many tanners in the market that are male-oriented and are specifically for the skins of male. One must consider a suitable tanner so that the skin can be taken care of with great care even in one’s own home. Proper washing of face, correct use of tanners and bronzers and appropriate moisturizer are the best way to deal with the winters.

Avoid Heater:

Heater is something very dangerous from the skin’s point of view. Intense heating of the skin through artificial source would cause the dullness and weakness of the skin and that is highly undesirable because a weak skin is unable to cope with the damaging effects of the winter. Immediately, avoid use of heater.

Glycerin Products:

Since winter is a dry season, and skin requires some extra while facing the winters. Normally, the skin of lips and hands and foot become dry and cracked and giving looks so odd. Glycerin products like cold creams, vesalines and related products would help you to keep your skin both warm and soft. This is the best way to cure the cracks and avoid the unpleasant effects of the winters on the skin.

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