Street Style for Men in India

Street Style for Men in India

street style for men in indiaWhen talking about street style for menit never means to wear branded clothes of Dolce and Gabbana or of Versace. Fact number one is that these clothes are way too expensive and it is out of the reach of an average Indian guy. Anyhow if anyone likes to wear expensive branded clothes then they usually buy formal cloths rather than wearing it for street style for men.

So it cannot be counted in street style for men. Second fact is that all such branded wears have their street style for men ramp walks and runways. They are fashionable but they cannot be worn on streets. They are not much comfortable. If a man cannot wear luxurious brands then that doesn’t mean that man cannot be counted in a street style. In markets easily inspired of such branded wears can be found. Men can wear such brands and step into world for street style for men.

In street styles for men a person who wears what he likes wins. In street style for men in India it is seen that people usually wear clothes in which they feel more comfortable. Such cloths can be like wearing formal shirt with tie and jeans and underneath wearing slippers. Yes that’s the attitude!!

We all know what shirt to wear and what jeans to put on. But that’s not enough. Street style for men in India is more then this.

  • Scarfs

Scarfs are very popular in street styles for men in India. There is no single way of wearing scarfs in street style. You can wear it under a coat or on a t-shirt. It will look equally cool in both ways.

  • Umbrellas

Umbrella is kind of girl’s thing, but not anymore. Street style for men in India has taken it and has made it an important part of itself. Different colors like black, white and even orange are in fashion in street style for men in India.

  • Glasses

Street style for men is incomplete if your eyes are not in fashion. For this purpose you should get yourself some stylish glasses. Goggles with different color glass i.e. in red or blue are deeply in fashion.

  • Footwear

Footwear includes everything from simple slippers to formal shoes. In street style slippers are in fashion which is due to weather of India. You have to walk whole day and they are very comfortable and open that is why they are mostly used. For college and university going men, fleets and sneakers of different color and styles comes in street style for men in India.

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