Lotus Temple in India

Lotus Temple in India

The beautiful building of Lotus temple is made up of amazing white marbles, cement, dolomite and sand. The structure and the colour of the building give the message of peace. The building itself invites the people from all religions; it doesn’t discriminate people to enter the building on the basis of religion, race or cast or any other characteristic.

The Lotus provides a message that all human beings are equal and the environment inside the temple appreciated meditation and respect all faith with the view that worship is a silent relationship between a human being and God, human beings from all the nations, class and creed are God’s creatures and they have the right to keep a personal relation with God.

The building of Lotus Temple appreciated the unification of human beings all across the globe, people visit this temple for making silent prayers to the God, those who believe that the relation between God and human being is very personal to every individual will love the environment of the Lotus Temple.

The tourists from across the border and all over the world visit this Lotus temple to experience how every human being communicates to God in the form of worship and a silent worship that can also be classified as meditation.

It is important to know that the building represents the Manifestation of God, and is also a symbol of purity and tenderness. The significance and beauty of the Lotus temple is deeply rooted in the minds and hearts of the Indians. Once you travel to India you definitely have to pay a visit to revitalize your soul and connect to the God and rejuvenate your faith in God. It’s amazing how the Lotus Temple brings people together and how people have a stranger believe of connecting and communicating to God in that place.

This amazing place build by Bahai faith is giving a message of equality to all. Its name suggests that Lotus lives in dirty water yet remains beautiful and undefiled by its surrounding. The name also gives a message of unification and equality of human race regardless of class, race, creed or any kind of discrimination. The Lotus temple appreciates the unification of human beings as the same species.

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