Nepal – A Country that Fires up Imagination in Every Traveler

Nepal – A Country that Fires up Imagination in Every Traveler

The name invokes curiosity and fires up imagination in every traveler. The land is still magical, mystical, spiritual and peaceful. Here Mount Everest stands tall and proud among other Himalayan giants. Adventure personified. The apostle of peace Lord Buddha was born here. Peace personified.

Mother Nature has been extremely generous to Nepal indeed. She has made Nepal picture perfect and has endowed it with magnificent Himalayas, lush green jungles, pretty valleys, and churning rivers and has filled it with treasure trove of flora and fauna. Nature also kept her in more or less safe isolation for many centuries enabling the people, particularly those from the Kathmandu valley, known as Newars, to create unique temples, fine squares, amazing buildings and monasteries, seven of which are today listed in much coveted UNESCO world heritage sites. Hinduism and Buddhism, which until recently were the only major religions, have flourished in peace and harmony for centuries, as is evident by the presence of sculptures and deities of both faith at Hindi temples and Buddhist monasteries in the valley. Another fine example of religious harmony between Hinduism and Buddhism is manifest in Nepal’s unique culture of living goddess, The Kumari, a flesh and blood representation of Hindu goddess, hails from among the Buddhist Shakya virgin girls.

People portray diverse faces of the country, literally. Many different races make the people of Nepal, all as different as apples and pears from one another. But, all varied races are adept in ingenious skills: artisans, climbers, warriors and many more. And all of them gentle, peace loving, smiling, warm, friendly and hospitable.

Geographically, the land is sandwiched between, Tibetan Autonomous region of China to the north and Republic of India to the south, east and west. Once, a little over five decades ago, accessible to only the hardy adventurers, explorers and a few lucky souls due to absence of transportation and entry restrictions for foreigners, the country is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, easily accessible from all major cities in Asia and Europe by a network of major Asian airlines.

Nepal is indeed a paradise for travelers. Its beauty is infectious, offering a large visual canvas of the natural scenery and a melting pot of vibrant and lively age-old cultures. Here you can live your time full of adventures in the low land jungles teeming with exotic flora and fauna as well as in the high mountains and on the exciting rivers. You can ride an elephant in the park to spot an elusive wildlife or two; or, you can go on a trek in the Himalayas or ride a wave or two in the swirling turbulent rivers. Or, you can just amble through the ancient alleys in the medieval cities of the Kathmandu valley admiring the colourful festivals, temples, gods and goddesses. Nepal has it all for everyone, young, not-so-young and old.

You can now experience Nepal like never before in the personalized care and fine company of Asia World Travel, a young Nepali organization. Let Asia World take you and your loved ones on superb peregrinations that are carefree, exciting, enlightening and great value for money, meticulously tailored by our travel connoisseurs, designed to meet your individual requirements. Our holidays are down to earth with sights and sounds of peoples, birds, animals, plants and nature.

Courtesy: Asia World Travel Pvt Ltd

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