Top 15 Tourist Destinations in India

Top 15 Tourist Destinations in India

Top Tourist Destinations IndiaThe ancient land of India has become a perfect blend of many cultures and many religions due to the advent of many rulers in different eras. This has made the history ofIndiaeven richer.

Each era left behind a heritage that is still alive and is a living legacy for the world to see. India is the perfect place for tourism as it offers number of wonderful tourism destinations across the country both blessed by mankind and nature.

Let’s take a look at the top 15 tourist destinations in India.

1. Kerala

KeralaKerala is the southwestern state in Indialocated on the tropical coast of Malabar. It is well known for its houseboats. It is a beautiful state full of beaches and hill stations. Often known as “God’s own country”; Kerala is also named by the National Geographic as one of the “ten paradises of the world”. It is an ideal tourist destination in India famous for its beaches like Kovalam, Kappad, Muzhuppilangad, Cherai and Varkala. Kerala is also known for its backwaters. People from all over the world visit Kerala to see the beautiful view of the backwaters that centers on Alleppey, Kumarakom.

2. Goa

Goa India

Goa is the one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. It is mainly famous for the exotic beaches. It is also known for the beautiful churches, temples and wildlife sanctuaries.Goa is a worth watching place and is known all around the world. The most exciting thing aboutGoa is the Annual Goa Festival; which is full of dance, music and food. The festival attracts tourism from all over the world which earnsIndia a lot of foreign exchange.

3. Delhi


The capital city of Indiahas a lot to offer the tourism lovers in India. Delhi has the honor of being the capital of both the Mughal and British empires. This makes Delhi one of the most eligible tourist destinations in India. Delhi is the home of many exotic buildings and places. Delhi is the combination of different ancient and modern cultures and architectures. The most famous worth watching places of Delhi are Tughlaqabad fort, Qutub Minar, Purana Quila, Lodhi Gardens, Jama Masjid, Humayun’s tomb, Red Fort, and Safdarjung’s Tomb. Modern monuments includeJantar Mantar,India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan,LaxminarayanTemple, Lotus temple andAkshardhamTemple.

4. Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir

Also known as “heaven on earth”; Kashmir is located in the North of India. It is widely famous for the beautiful natural landscapes and greenery; making it a wonderful tourist destination in India. It is a beautiful blend of different cultures and architectures. It has the home of many famous personalities of the Indian history. The most famous places of theJammu and Kashmir areDalLake, Srinagar Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yeusmarg andMughalGardens.

5. Rajasthan


Rajasthan; “The Land of Kings” is one of the Northern states of India, full of cultural heritage. It is famous mainly for the Thar Desert; that attracts huge tourism to India every year. Rajasthan is the home of many Nawabs and Rajas; who had built their palaces in Rajasthan. The palaces in Rajasthan are among the most famous tourist destinations in India; Chandramahal inCityPalace, Jaipur andUmaidBhawanPalace.

6. Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Another beautiful Northern state of India, adjacent to the capital city of Delhi; Uttar Pradesh has a lot to offer to the tourists from around the world. It is a beautiful place with exotic monuments, gardens and Himalayan foothills. The most famous among the “7 wonders of the world”; The Taj Mahal is also in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, which is the most exotic tourism destination in India. Uttar Pradesh is also the home of Hinduism’s holiest city,Varanasi. The great state of the Uttar Pradesh is also the home of Kathak; the most famous from of Indian classical dance. The food of the said state is also known around the world.

7. Manali


It is said that the name of this ancient city is after Manu who survived the great flood and recreated the mankind again in this very KulluValleyTown. This place is full of beautiful landscape which is ideal for skiing, hiking and mountaineering. Other places in Manali that attract the tourists are Manikaran Gurudwara, the great four story Hadimba Devi Mandir, and River Beas.

8. Hampi


Hampi is the ancient city of Indiawhich is the former capital of Vijayanagara Empire. This exotic place is famous for its beautiful religious architecture. It is the home of many ancient temples which lists this place among the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the temples that are located in Hampi are Virupaksha, Lakshmi Narasimha, Hemakuta Hill, Big Shivlinga and Vithala temples. Hampi is also known for some ancient temple ruins that are located among the rocky forests and landscape, which makes the place a perfect tourist destination.

9. Bangalore


Another attractive tourist destination in India;Bangalore is one of the leading industrial cities ofIndia. Apart from being the Industrial hub,Bangalore offers to its tourisms a lot of beautiful places to visit. It has many gardens, museums, palaces and temples that add to the city’s beauty and grace. It has many great ancient buildings of the British and Mughal empires that are worth watching. Some of the must visited places areLalbaghBotanical Garden andBannerghataNational Park.

10. Havelock Islands

Havelock Islands

These Islandsare a wonderful tourist destination. Beautiful exotic beaches and breath caching landscape makes the place a must visited one. You can enjoy a wonderful hotel experience while your visit toHavelockIslands. If you are a marine life lover, then you got the right place to go. The glass bottomed boats make you enjoy the underwater life to the fullest. And if you love scuba diving and other water sports, then you can have the best experience of your life.

11. Mysore


Known as the empire of the most brave tiger ofIndia; Tipu Sultan,Mysoreis an ancient city that has a lot of rich history in its heart. The place is full of ancient buildings like temples and palaces that will make you relive the history again. Apart from being the cultural hub,Mysoreis also the home of classical dance and music. The most important places inMysoreareSomnathpurTempleand Maharaja’s palace. Other than that, you can also visit Mysore Zoo – Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens.

12. Amritsar


Nothing can match the richness of the culture of Punjab! The rich language, the delicious foods, beautiful dresses and much more; you will find all the Punjabi colors in Amritsar. Bur that’s not all, Amritsarhas a lot to offer to the spiritual hearts. It is the religious and cultural hub for the Sikhs. The GoldenTempleassociated with the name of Harminder Sahib lies in the very heart of Amritsarand is a wonderful tourist destination in India.Amritsar touches the Pakistani land and you can enjoy the march past of the Indian and Pakistani soldiers in the evening when you are done with the rest of the places inAmritsar.

13. Shimla


Shimla is another beautiful hill station ofIndiaand is also the capital city ofHimachal Pradesh. The place is full of exotic landscape and green valleys. It is a small town where you can take a walk around to see the beautiful places and enjoy the wonderful weather.

14. Assam

Assam India

Indiaalso has something wonderful to offer to the the wildlife lovers in its tourist destination in India. The place is filled with many national wildlife parks and sanctuaries.ManasNational Park, Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary andKazirangaNational Park; which is home to the Great Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros, are some of the places worth watching. Apart from that,Assam too, has some historical places to see.

15. Chhattisgarh


Chhattisgarh is another state of Indiawhich is a beautiful tourist destination. It is a place with some interesting ancient civilization, having some historical remains in the state. This place has many magnificent water falls, mountains, forests and wildlife. There are many tourist attractions worth seeing like Chitrakot Waterfalls, Kutumsar Caves, Ramgarh and Sita Bengra, Bhoramdeo temple, Sirpur, Rajim, Ratanpur and Malhar.

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