Skirts to Suit your Body Shape -The Best Styles To Wear

Skirts to Suit your Body Shape -The Best Styles To Wear

Skirts to Suit your Body ShapeHomemade Dog Food Recipes width=”300″ height=”150″ />Styling Rules are hardly generic! As a matter of fact, they should be customized to the individual; since everyone comes in different body sizes and shapes, Skirts are provided with numerous numbers of styles around the world but too carry best style ever you should go for the one going with your body shape.

For best styles it is also good that you should pick the silhouette from the trends that suits you the most.

A Skirt could be a pull on elasticized skirt or can be buttons, zippers or hooks to make a fitting of a skirt and clearly boost the shape of skirt. There are always ways to create more elegant and perfect look you want to have with your skirts. Especially when you are choosing an appropriate skirt for your body shape. Once you knew your body shape it will be simple for you to find best.

Large Thighs: Wear skirts of soft and loose fabric with soft pleats and nicely draped avoid mini or flat skirts.

Long Waist: For long waist wear straight skirts as it will give you length and accessories your skirt with belt, embellishment or cuts.

For Short Figure: For short figures A-line skirts or straight skirts will look more graceful but avoid stiff skirts as they will make you look thicker. Length of the skirt should be around knee and if you have well shaped legs the length can be even shorter.

 Curvy Figure: Wear pencil skirt little below the knee as this would beautify your curves but only if you are tall, but if you are

having curvy figure with short height go for A-line front flat skirt.

Bottom Heavy Figure: With this kind of figure wear skirts of loose fabric with knee length avoid embellishment or peplum skirts as they will draw the attention to your hips and made to look it wider.

Flat Bottom: Wear tight skirts or an elasticized skirt with hooks or zippers, miniskirts also goes with this figure.

Short Waist: Look for straight and draped or A-line skirt that will make you look more girly and graceful

Large Stomach: Wear skirts with inverted pleats so it could draw attention from the bulk at the waist wear full or half circled skirts

Colors To Wear

There is no ground rule for colors or prints that could do well for skirt. The occasion that you want to wear a skirt to, normally dictates the prints and colors. But for professional wears go for flat and pastels colors with no any other embellishment or print on it.

Tips To Wear Skirt:

Full or half circle skirt is a type that will go with all of the body shapes if you feel little uncomfortable with skirts as they will make you look odd wear this as it will nicely shaped your body all you have to think about is the fabric that it can be of lycra blend to give look of glamour. The full circle skirt is easy to wear; no thong needed, and is a great way to experiment with pattern-mixing. Try it with a cropped top

Be confident at wearing mini-skirts if you are having an hour glassed shape of body as with little curves and height

Tulip skirts will make you centre of attention if you have curves.

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