10 Tips for Practicing Yoga in Winter

10 Tips for Practicing Yoga in Winter

10 Tips for Practicing Yoga in WinterYoga has its origin in India. It’s a kind of a self meditation that saints introduced. Yoga allows you to bring positive energy to mind and body. Practicing yoga is even better in winters. But there are certain tips you must follow for practicing yoga in winter.

  • Indoor: In winters, do not opt to practice yoga open air because that will only challenge your immune system and not give your body the meditation it requires.
  • Warm up: You must be at your yoga class before time so that you can shake off the chill and let your body warm up.
  • Practicing at home: Avoid attending your yoga class if you have cold. That’s because the other yogis might catch cold from you. In this case you must practice what has been taught at home and that will help in unblocking nose and easy breathing.
  • Yoga mats: It is important that you use your own yoga mats and keep them clean. Borrowing yoga mats from the gym is not wise because they may be unclean or carry germs on them.

Also do not lend your yoga mats. It is as personal to you as a towel. You sure don’t want them to get germy with someone else’s sweat.

  • Keep spare clothes: Always keep dry, warm clothes with you. You cannot walk out with your damped with sweat clothes. If you are conscious enough to practice yoga, you must keep these teensy tips in mind too.
  • Sun Salutations: It is one thing that you can practice as much as you want to. And as in winters you are practicing yoga indoors, you must do it more than usual as it helps enhancing flexibility and warms you up.
  • Dynamic yoga: Dynamic yoga is a great option in winters when you hold on to your postures for a longer time period. This warms up your body and stretches muscles properly.
  • Chest Breathing: Chest breathing is a part of many yoga postures but it is more important in winters because in winters your muscles contract and body takes longer than normal to warm up. So let your chest contract and expand, this will also keep you from catching cold that often creates problems of stuffy chest.
  • Sweat generating exercises: In winters, do more upbeat yoga exercise to generate sweat. In winters you can loose weight by such practices and welcome more positive energy and peace.

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