Yoga for Naturally Glowing Skin

Yoga for Naturally Glowing Skin

Yoga for Naturally Glowing SkinYoga is a practice which has numerous benefits. One of the most important and key advantage of practicing yoga is it makes your skin glow. Yoga also improves hair growth and strengthens hair if practiced daily.

Yoga is probably the cheapest method of achieving naturally glowing skin. Instead of buying expensive products and going for laser treatments for acne and wrinkles, include yoga in your daily life and see the numerous benefits it brings along.

Acne, pre mature aging and hair fall all stem from stress and an unhealthy life style. Eating oily and greasy foods, not working out and being on the edge all the time leads to skin disorders. Hormonal changes in the body and improper digestion also causes skin disorders. Yoga is the key to resolving all such problems. Practicing yoga regularly will release stress from the system and improve blood circulation. Some of the basic and key yoga poses include cobra pose, child pose, triangle pose etc. These yoga poses improve the circulation of blood carrying oxygen to all parts of the body and enhancing your energy levels from head to toe. This circulation rejuvenates skin and prevents it from aging. Regular oxygenation in the blood stream also increases the life of the cells, enabling them to last long and be healthy.

Shitli Kumbhaka pranayama is a yoga pose which improves skin health. To perform this, you need to fold your tongue slightly. It will protrude from the mouth. Inhale slowly from your mouth and hold your breath inside for a few seconds before you exhale from the nose. Repeat at least 20 times every day. Lion pose is also very beneficial for glowing skin. The pose involves lengthening the spine and breathing deep through the nose and exhaling from the mouth. It improves facial muscles, increases blood circulation and promotes energy in the entire body.

Breathing exercises also improve skin condition and makes skin glow. Breathing exercises are beneficial for females who have very oily skin. Breathing exercises have a very cooling impact on the skin. They open pores and it feels as if the skin is breathing. It is a natural way of cleansing both emotionally and physically. Yoga poses that help improve digestion are also advised if you wish to improve your skin through yoga. Forward elbow pose is a similar pose in which you bow down while standing as if coming down like a waterfall and folding your elbows instead of dangling your arms. Stay in the position to breathe three to ten times depending on your stamina. Come back in the standing position slowly bringing yourself up. Always remember while doing such exercises, your head should be the last thing to come up since all the blood pressure is passing through the brain when you are in a head down position.

While practicing yoga, meditate at least twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes. Meditation is a body cleanser and all toxins are removed from the body during meditation. Other forms of yoga include facial massage and facial exercises which keep your face tightened and wrinkle free. The kiss and smile yoga pose tightens your cheeks and neck muscles. Similarly, stretching your neck tightens neck muscles and prevents the neck from getting wrinkled.

Drink lots of water if you wish to include yoga in your daily regime. Yoga will make you perspire and release toxins from the body. Good supply of water will keep your body hydrated and supple. It is not advisable to practice some yoga poses if you suffer from high blood pressure. So make sure you consult your physician before doing any strenuous exercises.

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