Honey Singh raps ‘Gande Gaane Kyu Gaate ho’ in Viral Song

Honey Singh raps ‘Gande Gaane Kyu Gaate ho’ in Viral Song

Honey Singh Raps Gande Gaane Gets over 1 mn viewsIn his latest song, ‘This Party Is Getting Hot‘, with Punjabi pop star Jazzy B, rapper Honey Singh seems to mock himself and his ways but defiantly advices his detractors to either accept him the way he is or not step out of their homes.

Singh has maintained that he is a victim of a vicious smear campaign launched by his rivals to finish off his rising career as India’s foremost live entertainer. He said he was targeted viciously for anti-women, misogynist songs which he did not script.

A virulent campaign to boycott Singh and his music was launched on several micro-blogging sites. An FIR was also lodged against him for obscenity in Lucknow. On New Year’s eve, his proposed concert in Gurgaon was cancelled.

The ‘Party’ song has already hit the 1 million mark and is listed “among the world’s Top-10 most shared videos on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter,” according to a spokesperson of the singer.

But in the light of such controversy, the new song of the rapper with Jazzy B went viral and if one goes by the lyrics, the controversial rapper seem to be mocking himself and being a bit brazen about his ways in his new song.

Some of the lines are:

…Dilli Waali Saheli Kehndi Si Kee Thori-Thori Piya Karo,

Jab Itni Pee Lete Ho Toh Aise Toh Mat Kiya Karo,

Inna Raula Rappa Kyu Paate Ho,Gande Gaane Kyu Gaate Ho,

Koi Yo Yo Ko Samjhalo Nahi Toh Gharan De kunde La Lao…

(Delhi girlfriend asks me to drink a little less, (she asks) when you are drunk why are you so raucous, why do you sing bad songs, if you dont like Yo Yo then lock your doors and stay indoors)

The video has the two Punjabi singers in a gun trotting avatar, gyrating with skimpily clad women.

“I swear on my music, I’ve neither written nor sung those offensive songs. I’d never dream of singing a song in praise of rape. The thought is nauseating to me. I’d rather give up singing than attain popularity in such cheap and cheesy ways,” he had said.

“I respect women…What I am going through is another form Of rape,” Singh said. He says the controversial ‘rapist’ song has been released on the internet by an imposter. “I’ve sent notices to Youtube and other websites which have uploaded the offensive number. I am shocked that such a song could even be believed to be mine. I come from a family where women are respected. And I’d never disrespected women by espousing rape.”

The rapper defiantly advices his critics to either accept him the way he is or not step out of their homes.

Source: IBNLive

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