Arjun Kapoor: From First Love to the First Love Letter

Arjun Kapoor: From First Love to the First Love Letter

Arjun Kapoor InterviewFirst Love: Happened in school. I was in sixth. Her name was Nandini.

First Gift You Received: A watch gifted by my girlfriend.

First Gift That You Gave: A diamond anklet.

First Love Letter: Never wrote to anyone.

First Date: I went to Taj in Mumbai with my girlfriend. There’s a Lebanese restaurant called Souk, which has private rooms. We had dinner there.

First Salary: In 2002 from Dharma Production. I was 17 at that time. Very few people know that I was an assistant director there during Kal Ho Na Ho and was getting Rs. 3500 per month.

First Heartbreak: I have too many. I used to sit alone in my room, drinking and crying. But gradually I came out of the depression. It happened once in college as well. I liked a girl and for months I just talked to her over the phone. Then I thought of taking the friendship a bit further and ask her if she’ll be my girlfriend. Her birthday came within two months, and I thought that was the perfect day to ask her. When I met her on her birthday, she said, “Meet my boyfriend”! It happens a lot with me. I keep waiting and someone else takes the girl away.

First Time You Saw Yourself on The Screen: Yash Chopra and Pam aunty were sitting there in front of Parineeti and me. My first reaction was, “I’m OK; not so bad!” because I have very poor opinion of myself. When I saw the first scene of Ishaqzaade, I felt it was fine, not bad. These people who are spending money and making a film with me are right.

First Time When You Got Recognition: I went to PVR once, to watch Ishaqzaade. That’s where I see films. During the interval I came out and sat on a sofa. When people came out to get their popcorn and coffee, they saw me and started getting photos clicked with me. Then I realized that people have started recognizing me and I can’t come to the theatre like this anymore. I felt that my life wasn’t normal any more.

Source: filmfare

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