Meenakshi Dixit: Set to Maintain Balance Between Bollywood and South

Meenakshi Dixit: Set to Maintain Balance Between Bollywood and South

FHM: You’re all set to make your second appearance in a Hindi film. Does that mean lesser movies down south now?

Meenakshi Dixit: I will maintain a balance between Bollywood and south, and will continue to do what appeals to me the most. I’ve just begun to take baby steps in Bollywood and Hindi is my mother tongue, so will concentrate on Hindi for sure.

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What is the basic difference that you’ve observed between the nature of film making in the south and in Bollywood?

Nature of film making is same everywhere. The real difference is in the culture and the audience of the two places. So, the films are made with different sensibilities in south and in Bollywood, in order to cater to their respective audiences. 

You’ve worked in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies, besides Hindi flicks, so we’re assuming that now you can manage to have a conversation with people in all these languages. How often did it happen that you had no clue what your dialogues meant, and they sounded funny in your head?

It’s surprising but true that I have worked with directors down south who wouldn’t know any Hindi or even English and we still managed to work together. It’s very difficult to learn so many languages at the same time, especially for a Hindi speaking girl. But now I understand them. I can’t really speak them well, though. It sounds funny all the time in my head but now I have accepted that part of awkwardness as a part of my life (giggles).

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We’ve heard that Randeep Hooda has been your long time crush. How do you control the butterflies in your stomach with him around, now that you’re shooting with him? 

Haha, not a crush, I respect him way beyond that. I admire him as an actor and as a person. He is a self-made man and he inspires me in a big way. And yes, I have to really control my excitement in order to do my scenes right. 

Dad’s a lawyer; you yourself have a degree in science. Were there ever any plans to pursue something that traditionally Indian kids do? 

Yes, absolutely! I had planned, like traditional Indian kids, to enrol for MBA and then get a job, I guess. But I am extremely lucky to be finally pursuing my passion.

How would you describe your personality? 

I am a very simple girl, with a lot of clarity of thought. I respect people and like to be respected. I am emotional yet strong and independent. And I love to live my life to the fullest. 

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If you had to change two things about yourself, what would they be? 

This is funny… I behave unreal out of hunger and lose self control without food. I’d cry and fight, like really! So, I’d like to change that. And also, I can’t hide my emotions, which is not always good in today’s world.

What is the nicest compliment that you’ve received so far? And which is the weirdest one?

Nicest one was that I have a lot of grace in everything I do. Weirdest one, ummm… that I have such a sharp nose that I could use it as a weapon ( laughs). 

Which is the best place for a guy to approach you for a date?

Definitely at a misty foggy hill station, like Mussoorie or Mahabaleshwar. I am very happy and in the most positive state of mind when I’m around hills or water.

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Are you in a relationship right now?
What’s your idea of a fun date?
My fun date would be simply being with the person I genuinely like. Privacy and water around would be great add-ons.
Which one’s hotter… a guy with six pack abs and a moustache or a clean shaven chocolate boy
The hottest man to me is the one who is sensible, intelligent and respects women. I don’t believe in external factors much.
You’re quite the saint, eh? So, would you rather get drunk on a beach or read a book on the hills to take a break from work?
I would read a book on the hills rather than getting drunk. One is like spending my time well and the other is to absolutely waste it.
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Which is your favourite cuisine? Any suggestions where one should go eat it?
I love Punjabi food! The dhabas on the Punjab highways serve the world’s best food. But when in Mumbai ‘Punjab Grill’ is my favourite haunt when I crave for good food.  
Ever had a girl hit on you? We want details… when, where, how 🙂
Haha, yes it’s happened once. I was in New Zealand with my friends and we’d gone to watch a theatre show at Skycity in Auckland. A girl asked me for a dance of Salsa. I chose to give her the benefit of doubt, but only until my friends told me what was happening and teased me for it. I really had no clue till then!
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Craziest food dish that you’ve ever had. Where was it?
An ice-cream sandwich in Ahmedabad.
Bikes or cars? What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone?
I just love cars. The fastest that I’ve gone is when I pushed it to a neat 180 (mph!) on LA roads.
If you had a doll and wanted to get it married to an international celeb, who would that celeb be? Would you like to be replaced by that doll?
Jason Statham, hands down! Marriage is farfetched for me right now but if it’s him, I might just think about it ( wink ).
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What is the difference between naughty and kinky?
Naughty is sweet and suggestive, whereas kinky is being naughty but going over the top.

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