Sonakshi Sinha: “There’s been no fallout with Salman”

Sonakshi Sinha: “There’s been no fallout with Salman”

Sonakshi Sinha has shed the old to revel in the new. Fashion Central India understands why she’s game for fresh adventures

indian makeup“Your arrival has lent magic to this place,” exclaims a fan to Sonakshi Sinha from afar. The actress, who’s looking like a million bucks in a pristine white and gold Anita Dongre gown, does a mini twirl in excitement before giving the fan an acknowledging nod. The compliments haven’t stopped flowing in ever since she’s been flaunting her new svelte self. Naturally, she’s loving the attention. But her weight loss has not been the only thing on her mind lately. Sonakshi is now working towards pushing her boundaries. After recently buying a kabaddi team, the actress is set to reinvent herself doing challenging roles this year. Here, she lets Fashion Central India in on her new endeavours and dreams. Read on…

Apparently, kabaddi is a big part of you next film, Tevar. Did that inspire you to own a kabaddi team?
Yes, Arjun (Kapoor) is a kabaddi player in Tevar. I’m not playing kabaddi in the film. But it’s a fast-paced, exciting and an earthy sport. So when I was approached with the prospect of owning a team, I jumped at it. I’ve been interested in sports since childhood. I believe it’s time that games other than cricket are given importance in our country.

bollywood actress hairstylesIn what capacity will you be involved with the team?
I co-own the team with the Hayre group from the UK. I will be the face of my team. I’ll be involved in their creative decisions, overlooking the selection of players and lending my support to boost my team’s morale.

Sports is said to be a great leveller. Do you agree?
Definitely! Sports teaches you discipline, commitment and makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It also teaches how to take wins and losses in your stride and how to keep on improving yourself. I strongly believe being involved in sports, right from school, has greatly contributed to what I am today.

Sonakshi Sinha LegsYou’re one of the lucky young stars to be working with megastar, Rajnikanth. How has the experience been?
Working on Lingaa with Rajni sir has been a great learning experience. For a star of his magnitude, he’s the most humble person I’ve met. Thoroughly professional, never late, always smiling and so grounded.  

Any memorable experience you can recount from the set…
The only time I had met him before we started working together was with my family in Chennai, when I was a child. So when I saw him on set, I got nervous. I remember going up to him and telling him, “Sir, I’m truly honoured to be working with you. But I’m also nervous.” To that, he just smiled and said, “Why are you nervous? In fact, I’m nervous because you are my friend’s daughter.” This broke the ice between us and immediately put me at ease. I’ll always remember this sweet gesture.

hot indian actressShooting for Tevar must have been a blast as Arjun Kapoor and you get along like a house on fire…
We’re constantly pulling each other’s leg and poking fun at one another. That’s fun for us and everyone around because we both have a sense of humour and can take a joke on ourselves. He’s a good guy. But I’m not going to say more than that because I’ll hear about it from him for eternity.

Sonakshi Sinha picsYour weight was under the scanner. But right now you’re looking fitter than ever. What led to this transformation?
Thank you. I’ve looked a certain way for the last four years. Though I’ve been accepted by the audience for who I am and what I have to offer on screen, I wanted to look different. I want to retain my curves. But I aim to be fitter and healthier so that I’m not restricted to playing only certain kind of roles.a

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