10 Simple Ways to Impress a Woman

10 Simple Ways to Impress a Woman

10 Simple Ways to Impress a WomanThinking of impressing your girl and trying way too hard since ages? Want to make an amazing impression on her by bringing a smile to her face but still in vain?

If you are in a war with yourself when it comes to impressing your lady, you definitely need to work hard. In order to spice up your relationship, you have to impress the woman. Here are some steps for you to reach her heart!

When you are dating a woman, you definitely go through a lot of confusing times as the woman herself is a very confusing creature! However, if you are sincere and truly want to make a good effort towards good dating and impressing the woman, here are 10 proven tips for you to follow so that not only your dating period becomes fun and you impress the woman, but you find the perfect partner for yourself too.

  • Regular Dates:

When you are dating a woman, try to be the one who initiates frequent dates so that your woman realizes your sincerity during dating. This really impresses the woman if you actually take out time for dating and meeting her.

  • Surprises:

Whether it is a girl of 5 or a woman of 45, women love surprises and when they are from their partner, it definitely impresses them so while you are dating a woman try to surprise her with the things she likes a lot.

  • Show passion:

When you know that you have come to that point during your dating period when both of you start relying on each other, impress your woman by showing true love and passion. There is nothing that melts a woman’s heart more.

  • Compromise:

In order to have a healthy relationship while you two are dating, compromises should be made on both ends but remember that while dating, if you are the first to compromise, the woman will come running to you. That is how Mother Nature is!

  • Be open:

There is hardly any woman alive who would want her partner to be all secretive while dating. Share as much as you can with her in order to impress her and gain her confidence.

  •  Small and sweet gestures:

Always remember that a woman loves it when a guy starts becoming a gentleman around her. While dating, your little gestures like opening car doors for her, hugging her for no reason, helping her really impress the woman and is the key to perfect dating.

  • Compliment her:

One of the most important dating tips in order to impress a woman is to compliment her. It is an age old fact that there is nothing better than letting a woman know she is pretty or she looks good. This is an integral dating tip to impress her.

  • Cook for her:

Women want to run away from the kitchen, so there is nothing more impressive for a woman to see her man cooking for her. This is perfect for winning her heart while you are dating.

  • Avoid the cell phone:

Using your cell phone too much in front of the woman really pisses her off so try and not to use it too much when you are dating with her. Give her the attention she needs and listen to what she has to say with pure interest.

  • Be kind:

Many women go for men who are kind hearted and loving so try a kind person in real if you are dating. This is an excellent way to impress a woman as she loves men who are caring and loveable.

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