5 Conversation Topics That Are Not Appropriate For The First Date

5 Conversation Topics That Are Not Appropriate For The First Date

First dates are exciting, but it’s not only because you are meeting someone new. Of course, the thrill of novelty is there. But, more than that, first dates come with a sense of urgency. It’s almost as if you want to know everything there is to know about this person, but also maintain some intrigue. Caught in this conflict of wanting to dive right in, and maintaining an aura of mystery leads us to acting all sorts of awkward on first dates. To avoid that, just stay away from having these 5 conversations!  

1. What your parents do

This may be the first thing your parents want to know about your date – what their parents do – but let’s not get into this with someone we have just met! The message it gives is that you are more interested in the family than you are in them, and we all know what that means! 

2. Anything to do with exes… yours or theirs 

Of course, if you do start seeing each other, exes will and should come up at some point. But, this is not a great ice-breaker. It is intrusive and nosey, and no one wants a stranger to know how their heart breaks! Yes, on the first date, you are still strangers. 

3. How much alcohol you can guzzle down in one sitting 

Be safe, sister! You may be proud of your alcohol consumption, and might want to show it off. But, don’t be stupid. Remember, too, that some things are better done than said. You don’t have to brag about how much you can drink. Maybe, if things do move forward, you can just show it to him at a later time when you trust him enough to let loose around him! 

4. How much money either of you makes 

Not anybody’s business. Especially not someone you are on a first date with. Be discreet. Also, this is just not a classy conversation to have. Are you interested in dating each other, or each other’s bank accounts? 

5. Anything to do with the future, besides when and where you will have your second date, if at all 

You may want to talk about your hopes from a relationship or your love life in general, but refrain. You may be doing it with the most innocent intentions, and not mean it as an expectation you have of them, but this is something that can easily be misconstrued. In the end, you want to keep things light on the first date! 

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