Things You Should NEVER Share with Your Boyfriend

Things You Should NEVER Share with Your Boyfriend

Yeah, yeah you might be two bodies, one soul but that doesn’t mean you share every little detail about your past or blurt out every thought that’s playing on your mind at present. There are certain things that shouldn’t be said but kept a secret so as to avoid unnecessary arguments and fights. Here are 7 things you shouldn’t share with your boyfriend.

dating in kitchenI don’t like your mom!:  Even if your man is not a Momma’s Boy, it’s never wise to let him know that you dislike his mother or any other family member for that matter. There’s a possibility he might reconsider your relationship if he finds out about your true feelings. Regardless, who likes to hear bad things about their own family anyway? Save your funny/nasty opinions about his family for your close girlfriends and you’ll have a happier relationship.

indian datingThat reminds me of my ex: If you want to talk about your past, or worse, want to compare him with your ex, you might as well dig your own grave and bury yourself alive in it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a good comparison (they both make amazing omelets) or a bad one (they don’t like to shower on holidays), your boyfriend would never want to hear that he’s anything like your ex.

dating secretsMy ‘Sex & the city’ secrets: Similarly, do not share details about who you lost your virginity to, or if you ever were unfaithful in a relationship or the number of guys you slept with before him. You’ve changed, right? So let bygones be bygones, unless he insists on knowing everything.

hotel dating tipsYour friend is really gorgeous/ smart: Hello? How would you feel if he gushes over your friend or one of his colleagues and tells you how good-looking/ smart that person is? Telling him that you find his friend smarter or more humorous will only hurt him and make him feel insecure.

couple using internetMy Facebook password is… : You may think you have nothing to hide, but you never know how this decision will come around to bite you in the ass. And forget about him stumbling on things that might hurt him, what will you do if he decides to misuse the information in case of a break up?

gossipsAvantika is cheating on her boyfriend!: Telling him about every little shocking secret about your friend’s affairs is not a good thing. What if your boyfriend cannot keep a secret and the word passes around like Chinese whispers and eventually everyone comes to know about it, much to your friend’s embarrassment? Your friend would be pretty mad. Besides, there’s also a possibility that he might become insecure, thinking ‘birds of a feather flock together!’

marriage problemsGuys hit on me all the time: You’re hot we know that, he knows that… but it’s foolishness to brag about it. You’re not going to get any brownie points by making him feel jealous or insecure. On the contrary, this is exactly the kind of behaviour that leads to ‘rules and boundaries’ in a relationship – “Who’s that guy?”, “Unfriend him on Facebook…” etc etc. Now you don’t want all this, do you?


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