7 Secrets of Successful Parents

7 Secrets of Successful Parents

7 Secrets of Successful ParentsParenting is learned through doing. None of us is born with an innate parenting knowledge. A parenting blogger and expert, Gloria Deckro calls parenting a spiritual path. According to her,

“ The step into parenthood is an initiation in the truest sense of the word—a huge leap into the unknown. We suddenly find ourselves with 24-hour-a-day responsibility for another human being who is totally dependent on us. Our children test us, they call on us to face unhealed baggage from our own childhood, and they inspire us to dig deep for resources that we never knew we had. Ultimately our mission is to support and guide them to the point where they can leave us and move on.”

Being parents is a big big responsibility. Providing material requisites to your young ones is perhaps just a fractional part of successful parenting. The real portion is still to be covered. A few parenting secrets can convert your parenting into successful parenting. If you want to be super parents, you must follow our effective most expert parenting tips.

  • Invest in Your Parenting:

By investing, we don’t mean the investment of money, rather the investment of time, love, understanding, prioritization, care and concern. These ingredients are the most effective parenting secrets and can make any family a happy family. Parenting or any other relationship needs these little investments to grow happier and stronger.

For successful parenting, and to make these investments consciously, you can allocate a family day. Make deliberate efforts to dine together, have breakfast and a chit chat session over a cup of tea. Such parenting tips focus family union which triggers warmth of relationship and opens up ways of communication. Once you establish a friendly communication channel with your children, its like laying the base of successful parenting.

  • Remain Expressive But Never Aggressive:

Expressing your love towards your children both physically and verbally is a very very important parenting secret. Expert parenting tips always stress upon loud expression of love. This is how we teach our children to reciprocate their love towards us and other human beings. Expression of love though is a parenting secret, yet loud expression of anger or aggression is something that can destroy your successful parenting attempts. Try not to let yourself go when comes to your anger or aggression towards kids. On the contrary, never hold your love in-expressed.

  • Discourage Sibling Rivalry:

Sibling rivalry is all about seeking parental attention. So be very careful and pay complete justice among siblings while expressing your love or showing reactions such as punishments. Encourage sibling bonding instead. Successful parenting means complete parental attention for every individual without any discrimination.

  • Make Family Rules:

There should be some family rules to add up discipline in your family life. Setting up of family rules and then abiding by them as ritual is another successful parenting secret. When you set some family rules regarding rewards for good behaviour and punishments for bad behaviours, you actually help out your kids to anticipate your expected reaction as parents on their moves. They will deliberately put in some effort to follow the family rules and hence learn the social ethics and disciplines.

  • Remain Consistent:

Successful parenting is the one in which you get to define your parenting strategies and then remain consistent on them throughout. If you yourself remain confused between making parenting decisions, you would rather induce the same confusion in your children as well. As a result they would never be able to judge and predict your expected behaviors as parents; neither would they be able to decide how to behave themselves. Consistency is the core of all parenting secrets.

  • Remain Peaceful When the Kids Are Angry:

As parents, you are likely to receive anger tantrums by your young ones almost every second day. So you should know how to react in such situations. Expert parenting tips suggest you to remain peaceful and calm instead of getting back on them. Tell your kids to postpone the argument till they calm down.

  • Never Give Harsh Punishments:

Another parenting secret which leads to successful parenting is to always analyze the magnitude of punishments. Don’t over punish the children, rather choose mild punishments so that your children don’t over react. Successful parenting is a game of self control. Many a times, you would feel like getting unnerved because the children have every capability of driving you mad. But even in the toughest times, you need to control your anger and think before handling children.

Hope you follow our secrets for successful parenting and become the best ever couple of parents.

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