Brother and Sister – A Cat Mouse Relationship

Brother and Sister – A Cat Mouse Relationship

Brother and Sister A Cat Mouse RelationshipSiblings, to many of us may seem as total pains and never ending miseries that never seem to go away. But my dear friend, fact is that God has sent someone for your sake to keep you company and is not a nuisance but actually a great blessing. We must learn to appreciate this blessing and make the most of it. Here we’re going to discuss the relationship of a brother with a sister and vice versa.

The relationship as I would like to define can be summed up as a cat-mouse relationship. The younger one is always the mischievous one and is always looking for ways to annoy the other and the elder one be it the brother or sister, is always reporting at the head quarters (parents) to halt the demonic activities of their younger child.

Parents play the role of a referee between the two and are always trying to sort the issue through mutual discussion which never happens, actually. This is when both are young and have nothing to worry about in their lives except who bugged who and who should be grounded.

Despite of hating a younger sibling to death, elder ones are somewhat possessive and really protective about them too. I remember calling up my brother to beat up a boy in second grade, for the mere fact that he took away my eraser from me without my permission! And anyone witnessing that scene would never be able to imagine that there were times I was beaten up the same way! Ha-ha some secrets are better untold.

The relationship of a brother and sister is a really complicated one because apparently it may seem all fights and quarrels but if one may go deep down, he would get a more vivid picture of how the two really think about each other.

The true nature of this bitter-sweet relation can’t really be understood but the fact about this relationship is that the fights may seem never ending and the quarrels may last a lifetime but there are some things that don’t have to be verbally said since beating someone up just because your sister told you so says a lot in itself!

Cheers to sibling rivalry and all you warriors out there!


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