How to Deal With In-Laws

How to Deal With In-Laws

how to deal with in lawsWe often get caught up in situations where we feel like running away from our house because of someone who is constantly causing pain and annoying us. It is quite a difficult task to cope with in-laws especially those who are a bit too nosy and over bearing. However, we can always try our best to make the relationship with in-laws work out by having a positive approach towards everything. We always have to keep in mind that once we are living under one roof, we have to accept the everyday challenges and that is to make sure that you are keeping the bond with your spouse strong and not going out of the line against the in-laws.

See everyone as your family. Once you are living with your in-laws take his/her brother as your brother, his/her mother like your mother, his/her sister like your sister and his/her father like your father. Remember that you all are one part of this family and making it an ideal family is up to you since you are the new addition to their family. Make sure you are coping well with “their” way of doing things. This does not mean that you should forget whatever you learnt at your old house. You can share your ideas and ways of doing the work your way with your in-laws in a polite way by saying ‘what if we do it this way”? They might as well like it. If they don’t, you need to just let go. Keeping grudges against your in-laws and feeling left out will obviously not help you. Mingle with your in-laws as much as you can.

It is very hard to deal with in-laws if they start interfering in your personal matters especially the ones with your spouse. The only way out from this situation is to first think that is your mother/father interfering in your personal matters? If yes, then stop them from doing so. This way you will gain your spouse’s confidence and you will be able to easily share your issue with him/her. Do not make him get offended by saying rough things about your in-laws since it is his family. Remember, he won’t listen to it if you sugar-coat things a bit too much. Do all this very politely so that you can have a good bond with your spouse by making him/her understand your problem with your in-laws.

Sometimes you are just not willing to share your things with your in-laws. For example, your sister in-law might come to you and ask for something to wear. You might not like it at first but you can always try and start behaving a bit differently. The best way is to give her what she needs from your closet. However, sometimes the situation might get worse. The way out for this is to tell her that you cannot let her have it. Do this in the politest possible way and make sure you do not hurt her feelings. Instead, you can take her out for shopping where you and your sister in-law can have a good time.

Never ever hold grudges against your in-laws. This will only make the situation worse for you. Try to win their hearts by polite behavior and agreeing with your in-laws in what you think is right. If you think your in-laws’ opinion is not right, feel free to share yours in a very smart way. Make sure you are taking part in the family affairs. It is never wise to always go your own way once you are living with your in-laws. Never try to change their habits and turning them into the way you want.

This can never happen. Try to mould yourself into the new family and you will have the perfect happy family for sure.

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