5 Ways To Accept Compliments At Work Without Being Awkward

5 Ways To Accept Compliments At Work Without Being Awkward

Despite how much we love receiving compliments, most of us are really bad at accepting them. From underplaying our contribution, to simply changing the topic, we make the compliment-giver feel so uncomfortable that they think twice before complimenting us in the future. It’s quite sad actually, the way we simply can’t accept the fact that we work hard and deserve good things that come our way, as well. It’s really simple though. All you need to do is smile and accept it. If you find yourself at a loss of words when people compliment you, here are five things you can do to start getting better at accepting them.

5 Ways To Accept Compliments At Work Without Being Awkward
5 Ways To Accept Compliments At Work Without Being Awkward

1. Don’t change the topic

No matter how uncomfortable the conversation might make you feel, resist the urge to change the topic. Trust us, no one will think you are conceited because you are letting them praise you. You worked hard, and you deserve these kind words.

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2. Reply with a polite thank you

Instead of making an awkward joke, or making fun of yourself just reply with a polite thank you and end the conversation. You can also talk about your team,band how their contribution has helped.

3. Resist the urge to give a compliment in return

Praise the other person, but don’t do it exactly when they are trying to compliment you. Listen to what they have to say and later add in an ‘I also really appreciate all the efforts you put in’.

4. Keep your body language proper

Don’t look at your hands, or fidget with your clothes or pen, instead of looking that person straight in the eye. Maintain a polite smile, and accept the compliment with grace.

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5. Keep it honest

Instead of claiming that it was all luck, and you still have loads to do, be optimistic. If you personally feel that this milestone is small compared to what you eventually have to achieve, say, “I still feel we have loads to do, but it’s nice to know that we are on the right track.” This lets you accept the compliment, but also acknowledges that you have much more to do.

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