8 Rules to Keep Her Happy

8 Rules to Keep Her Happy

8 Rules to Keep her HappyThe purest and strongest form of a relationship, that lasts for as long as you live and gives you the most powerful memories of your life is marriage. The question here is: Are these memories happy? The answer is simple and lies in the question itself. Most of us believe that these days the marriages that are working well are due to the fact that the man and woman are perfect and right for each other. However, the reality and facts have something else to answer. It is a known fact that nobody is perfect in this world and in order to achieve happiness in your married life compromises and sacrifices are the keys.

It is often said “sow a character, reap a habit”. The quotation says it all. Marriage is a bond that brings two souls together, but we believe that it is not just the soul but the minds that click each other and form the perfect couple. There is no doubt about the fact that matches are made in heaven but making the match even more beautiful and making your married life the best thing about your life is totally on your own shoulders. Taking marriage as a duty is the biggest problem that breaks the marriages. This pure relation of marriage is so delicate that it needs love in the most passionate manner.

For a healthy and perfect relationship with your wedded partner, it is not only the duty of a woman to make all the sacrifices. In order to attain eternal happiness, the man and woman need to work hand in hand to reach the highest points of peace, love and care for each other. The man in any married relationship has certain duties and if they are not fulfilled properly, it becomes very hard for the woman to make the marriage work too. It is just like a two way process. Here are 8 rules to make your wife love you even more and then, both of you will end up having the best relationship of your life.

  1. Love her deeply: women need a lot of love. Women are such creatures of God who are made for loving others and being loved too. There is nothing in this world that could make a woman happier than the fact that she is being loved truly and deeply by someone. So, give your spouse the love she is looking for. And there is no perfect marriage without true love.
  2. Care for her: a caring husband is what every woman dreams of in her marriage. Give your wife the care she needs and look after her needs and demands as much as you can. Like it was mentioned before that it is a two way process, if you will care for her, she will care for you even more. Women are made such way. So in order to achieve the care from her, care for her first.
  3. Avoid arguments: try to stay away from arguments as much as possible. Sometimes, women can be a little impatient which can lead to them getting agitated. Do not try to over react because if you will do so, the argument will turn into a big fight and that is unhealthy for your happy marriage.
  4. Compliment her: a compliment by the husband always makes the wife’s day so try to compliment her as much as you can. Try to do it at least once every day. Do not always try to pick out the bad points in whatever your wife does as that is what may cause your marriage to take a wrong turn.
  5. Be there for her: the best thing you can do to achieve the happiness of your wife in your marriage is that you need to always be there for her. Women always look for attention and there is no one in this world that can make a woman as happy as you do by giving her all the attention she needs. Listen to her. Keep in your mind that the whole world comes after your spouse, your wife.
  6. Forgive and forget: now who does not make mistakes. I do, you do, your wife does, and EVERYONE does. All you need to do is just throw away all the harshness and keep this formula in your mind: “Forgive and forget”. If you will start living your married life on this principle, your marriage will be the happiest of all. Forget the fights and mistakes of the past.
  7. Her family is your family: as much as it is necessary for a woman to settle in her new household after marriage, it is equally important for a man to adapt to the wife’s family as well. Love her family the way you want her to love your family. Make her spend time with her family once in a while and try to mingle in with your in laws as much as you can. Be a part of their happiness in order to make your wife happy.
  8. Be honest with her: honesty is the key to her happiness in your marriage. If you are being totally honest and truthful with her, there is no chance of her ever being bad to you. Her happiness is side by side your honesty. Share your everyday feelings with her and make her a part of your everyday life matters. And there is nothing in this world that can make such a marriage go wrong.

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