Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Remember the 90’s wedding, when the photographer would wander around the food counter, clicking uncomfortable pictures of Pinky aunty and Sharma uncle as they gorged on bowls of gajar ka halwa and gulab jamuns? Most of the wedding photographers in those days followed the same standard style sheet. And, most wedding albums had the ‘Titanic pose’ of the couple, or a Sridevi like pic of the bride showing off her bangles. Gone are those days. Every couple wants their wedding to be a picture-perfect affair today. And, they leave no stone unturned to turn this dream into a reality. Hence most couples invest a lot on a wedding photographer, who could take candid pictures that could forever make a wedding memorable. Alas, not every couple gets what they want and might end up hiring a wrong photographer because of their lack of knowledge about the art. In fact, there are a few mistakes, which most couples usually make while hiring their photographer. Here are some.

Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Wedding Photographer

Never go by other people’s suggestions: Do not go on hearsay. Do your own homework first. Find out the trends in vogue and factor in your budget. You may take help of apps like UrbanClap that offer a bevy of professional services. The app provides multiple options in your city. So, if you want to find a wedding photographer in Pune, for instance, just key in your location, budget and the service you want. The app throws up details that suit your requirement.

Never leave discussions and meeting to the last minute: Wedding photographs are memorabilia that will stay with you forever. So, take time and meet with your photographer. This will ensure that on the D-day there is no confusion and all important rituals are captured in his lens.

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Never go for photographers that come in a package deal: Many wedding venues also offer photography service, along with caterers and decoration. Opting for the same isn’t a good suggestion as these photographers have already made their cut. Also, they usually spend more time taking photos of the decorations and venue that could help them sell their spot better in future.

 Never entrust the job of taking photographs to your relative or a friend: Maybe you have a cousin who just graduated from the art school, or an uncle is into wildlife photography and they’ve offered to shoot your wedding for freeeeee! While it may seem tempting for your budget, we suggest, don’t risk bad blood if they screw up. Weddings are a hard gig with a lot of variables just because your friend takes beautiful photos of sleeping babies, doesn’t really mean she knows how to light a pitch-black reception venue.

Don’t Be penny wise pound foolish: While you may spend a lot of money on the venue, wedding outfits, decorations, and food, do not cut corners while hiring a wedding photographer as it is the photographer who can make your outfit, decoration and your day last a lifetime through his pictures. So, pick a photographer who has done similar work before. Mobile marketplace apps like UrbanClap can provide information about genuine and experienced photographers in your area and that we say, is a wise decision to make.

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Never make your photographer travel long distance to reach the venue: If your wedding venue is at a remote farmhouse, your photographer would need to travel a long distance to reach your venue. It would be wise to make stay arrangements for him/ her at the venue or as close to the venue as possible. And, in case you are having a destination wedding, then there could be nothing better than having your photographer in the same hotel where you are staying. This will ensure that your destination wedding photographer does not miss any important ceremony, and is easily available even at the most unexpected moments. Additionally, this will save travel time and travel expenses. Needless to say, pictures are the only way to preserve the memories of the most beautiful day of your life. And one of the keys to getting the best wedding pictures is, to let an expert do this task.

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