The Key to Happy Relationship

The Key to Happy Relationship

The Key to Happy RelationshipA successful relationship requires falling in Love many times always with the same person but deeper and deeper every time. The key to a happy relationship lies on Love, trust, understanding, and very important compromise. Marriage is one of the best relations in this world which is based on these pillars.

  • Don’t say you Love me, show me

The first very crucial thing is your Love toward you partners your relation, your marriage. To express your Love is very important no matter what ever you are. One of the basic key to a happy relationship is to show your deep Love to them. Don’t just say it, show it, let them feel that you really Love them.

  • Celebrating small things is a key to a happy relationship

Discovering ways to celebrate small things with your spouse is also a key to a happy relationship. Spare some time with your partner when you just have to listen to him/her and try to b enthusiastic if she/he is happy for something. Make your spouse more excited and show them that you are more excited about the cause.

  • Less Talking and more listening, a key to a happy relationship

Listening is the very important key to a happy relationship i.e. is a Marriage. Happy couples that last over the long term have a profound respect for their differences. Speaking of criticism can destroy a marriage. One needs to learn to dial down the criticism, to get more bite marks on your tongue. This can be achieved by cutting down on the length of intense arguments. This increases Love and respect for each other.

  • Interest in your partner’s life is a key to a happy relationship

Take a specific interest in your partner’s life. Taking an interest in what your Lover does and cares about every day keeps the two of you more intimately involved, and does not keep you from maintaining your personal space. You’ll have more to talk about and enjoy together to increase your Love and to discover this key to a happy relationship.

  • Argue, don’t fight

Solve all the matters by discussing it with your partner but just doing it by your own way. If you do your own way may become a reason to fight. This is the second very important key to a happy relationship. You can argue without fighting. Arguing is non-combative. You and your partner state your points of view without name-calling or raising your voice. Abuse, whether it is physical, verbal, or emotional, defies mutual respect and Love and Marriage. You have to have mutual respect which is a key to a happy relationship.

  • Forgive, Accept and Apologize

The critical situation is when both of the partners don’t care for each other especially in a relationship of marriage. Remember, we are all good people. We were all born innocent, loving, kind and generous. Whatever the matter may be Say I’m sorry and show that you mean it. Don’t be shy or let your pride get in the way. Life is short, do the right thing before its too late which is a key to a happy relationship.

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