10 Things Every Woman Deserves from Her Man

10 Things Every Woman Deserves from Her Man

Committing to a relationship is a big deal for every woman. Along with the glow on your face, butterflies in your stomach and a racing heartbeat, there are a few other things women want from the love of their life. Yes, despite every relationship being different, these things are constant no matter how new or old your commitment may be. And truth be told, every woman deserves these things. Yes, chivalry is one of them, but there’s more. Read on to find out.

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anushka sharma and sushant singh rajput

Women love compliments, as do everyone else. It could be your hair, your cooking or just your smile, you deserve to get those compliments once in a while from your man.

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To be treated well:

treated well

You may have been dating for years but it’s still important for him to treat you right. Don’t take this one lightly. If your man raises his hand on you, yells at you or misbehaves with you, drop him like a hot brick.

Undivided attention:

Undivided attention

Okay, not always, because he has his own things to do too. But make sure he listens to you when you need him too. If you can’t get his uninterrupted attention, then what’s the point of being in a committed relationship?



A relationship calls for honesty and if you can’t have that, then you might have to rethink your relationship.

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Most women will agree that foreplay is sometimes more exciting than sex and you deserve that!

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It’s fun to cuddle and you deserve to be cuddled. And no, it’s not okay for him to turn the other way and fall off to sleep after sex every single time!

To be his, officially:

To be his, officially

No matter how new your relationship is, if he is in for the long haul then he won’t mind making it official, and you deserve to be given that position in his life.

Understanding during that PMS phase:

Understanding during that PMS phase

If he’s been with you for long, he better understand your emotions especially when you are PMS-ing.  So no complaints!

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This is and always will be an important thing for women. You might not need him to open doors and hold the chair out for you, but it sure does feel special. -idiva

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