Are Women Better at making Friends than Men?

Are Women Better at making Friends than Men?

Are women better at making friends than menWe all know the nature of Women. God made women very delicate and emotional as compared to men. But they are strong at the same time as well. They are able to manage things more easily and comfortably. They can handle situations very well.

But every woman whether she is a house wife or a working lady, they all have friends and they had strong believes to maintain their friendship for life. From childhood to any specific age, a woman keep on making friends at every stage of life and keep in touch with them either via phone, internet or any possible way they can find. At the same time if you look at men, they lag behind in this thing.

We cannot deny the fact that men don’t make friends, they make but for a specific time and forget after time. Some people say that men are selfish, they make friends for the time being and when it’s over they behave like they have never met in life. Ahh! Well this sounds strange but funny at the same time. The friendship for a cause is off course a meaningless friendship, focusing on the cause not the friendship that they have, in this way the actual meaning of friendship is ruined. So we can definitely say that women are better at making friends than men. But this explanation is not worth enough, to convince my point.

A lot of surveys conducted on this issue and what came out to be is that women said that their best friend are mostly those who they met back during their school years and men are more likely to make friends in university or at work. From this we can check the sincerity of a woman’s heart and the way she keeps her friendship for years and years is not a joke. One reason we can quote here is that as women are emotional, they value relationships more; they get easily attached with any one even if they are meeting them the first time. Women enjoy talking with their friends which strengths their friendship even more. Some studies says that it entirely depend on your personality rather than being a woman or man. Different people have different natures. Some people have friendly nature and they try to become the center of attraction rather men or women.

Facebook is very common in our lives now days and we can clearly see from there also that the friend list of a woman is much more than the friend list of a man. Friendship does not only depend on talking and understanding each other, it also depends on the mutual concern of one another, the respect, the honor, the place your friend need from you in every stage of your life. All these qualities are mostly found in woman, but it does not mean we are against men. Men make friends but not to the intention of keeping that friendship till end so most of the studies and discussions reveals the fact that women are better at making friends than men.

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