How to Communicate Regret for a Broken Family Relationship

How to Communicate Regret for a Broken Family Relationship

how to communicate regret for a broken family relationshipMending the broken relationships is very important for maintaining a healthy family environment. Be it your grandparents or uncles and aunts, or any other extended relative, you must acknowledge their significance in your life. There are a number of ways by which you can communicate regret for a broken relationship. Communicating regret does not always fix the broken relationship but this will leave you guilt free and will make your family aware of the big heart and high spirit you have. Also, communicating regret is important because it may clear out the misunderstanding and justify your position.

Firstly, do not be harsh or stern while you communicate with a family member. Your intentions should be mirrored by your kind words. You may not want to compromise on your beliefs and decisions, so discuss on emotional grounds. Also, while trying to fix a broken relationship, express your concern about the other person and tell them how sorry and sad you feel about the detached strings. Communicating regret and remorse will melt the heats. A broken relationship may be a dear one, so you over look your ego to communicate concern.

Next, while you try to explain your position, be all ears to the family members. Don’t lose cool and be patient with their opinion. The only way to deal with the broken relationship is to show that this matter to you. Don’t be pushy because that may disappoint your family even if they are willing to reconcile. Also, accept your faults and apologize for them. This may fix the broken relationship. Or even if it does not, at least you will be guilt free.

Your family may be waiting for you to communicate regret and apologize. So consider their expectations and take own your acts. Communicate regret, your loneliness and also ask for their feeling. They might be guiltier than you. Be open to reconcile. But do not let your family intimidate you, if communicating regret and emotions would not change things this means that the family is not willing to reconcile. So here, you have played your part and there’s nothing better to do.

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