How to Deal with Silent Man

How to Deal with Silent Man

How to Deal with Silent ManA silent man gives out an impression of a cold, emotional-less being. The icy persona of a silent man is his own choice and he has certain believes that makes him aloof. It’s very challenging to deal silence in men especially when you are bound by a relationship. Sometimes, men choose this silent and cold image due to certain harsh experiences in past or because they want to convey a message through their personality.

They draw a boundary line for others to protect themselves from any emotional attachment. In relationships, it is very hard for the other party to keep up with the silent man and make him emotionally involved in the relation. Dealing silence is an intricate job. If the silent personality is a part of soberness and reserved trait then it attracts women, but if it is snobbish and cold, then it’s a definite push away in a relationship. In both cases, women have to put in an extra effort to make their relationship with the silent man work.

A lot of patience is required to deal with a silent man. They may be able to change their view of life and the way the spend it. Firstly, a woman must try to win the heart of his silent partner. Trust and loyalty are the key traits that men look in women in a long term relationship. So, be faithful to your partner, as you do not want to become another hurtful experience for him. Also, do not be pushy with a silent man. Don’t eat their head when they don’t want to talk.

Let them have space if they demand for it. But do not leave them alone. A silent man never clearly expresses his wants, so it’s a woman’s job to know and deal silent needs and wants. Try to figure what pleases them; it could be a meal they like, a singer’s collection or movie etc. Once you find little things in which your silent man seeks pleasure, do them more often. Men are like babies, and silent men are like cranky babies. They need more attention and care and a lot of patience to deal with their silent nature.

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